METRO EXODUS Gameplay Trailer (2018) E3 2017

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METRO EXODUS Gameplay Trailer (2018) E3 2017 5
Metro Exodus E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer

Release: 2018

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The 28 days later theme song did the trick

Автор — Spandex415


I am so fucking hyped for this. Metro is hands down one of (if not THE) best game series I've played

Автор — Mr Solo Dolo VI


The song is called "In a house, In a heartbeat". Really makes this video come together.

Автор — Heavenshaker


So many questions? Does anyone know what books go with each game because I can only find three main books Metro 2033, 2034 and 2035?

Автор — Christian McCall


Cant beat the metro serious just finished Last Light and im still in awe.

Автор — Alexeon H


My mother literally asked me if the dead skeleton in the car was alive because she saw his head move. I'm like "I'm done."

Автор — Kevin Markham