Frigoscandia FLoFREEZE® IQF - the only true fluidizing freezer

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Frigoscandia FLoFREEZE® the only true fluidizing freezer. We pioneered “Individual Quick Freezing” technology (IQF), installing the world’s first IQF freezer on a process line in Sweden back in 1962. Since then, millions of tons of fresh food products have been successfully and profitably frozen on our Frigoscandia FLoFREEZE fluidized bed linear freezers. Our Frigoscandia FLoFREEZE provides true fluidization, using a patented air flow system that separates and freezes the most delicate products, while simultaneously fulfilling the industry’s toughest requirements for hygiene, economy and user-friendly operation.
The FLoFREEZE® IQF offers versatility, keeping sensitive or sticky products separated until they achieve a protective crust.