Digital image processing: p033 - Wiener filtering

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Image and video processing: From Mars to Hollywood with a stop at the hospital
Presented at Coursera by professor: Guillermo Sapiro of Duke university

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I wish i found these earlier, I've been struggling with this material all semester long !

Author — Klorine


Thank you very much.
This is a good review of Wiener filter for me.
This lecture is concise and very informative.

Author — 康景翔


Great concise, high level video. Thank you

Author — Clément


Very clear and yet concise explanation, thanks for uploading!

Author — mmeol


How do I get to H? Let's say I know (or assume) my Noise is Gaussian, with Zero-Mean and STD of 1 [like: N(0, 1)], how do I transfer this knowledge into H, i need to plug in into the formula?

Author — Patrick Mullan


i need some help understanding something, as to why does the inverse filter perform so poorly . we are basically removing the noise part from it.

Author — Jayvik Desai


If anyone could test this app i'd be grateful! Type: 'Circuit Solver' by Phasor Systems on Google Play.

Author — Robert Lake