Stick Figure – 'World on Fire' (Full Album)

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Stick Figure – Paradise

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When the stars are aligned like the colors in your eyes greens and blues. 🤘

Author — The Lawn Care Nut


At 62 years of age, i am so happy i found your music! Better late than never!! First tune i ever heard was Livin It ! All i can say is it touched my soul!! Thank you!

Author — cruisingGypsy


This album should be playing across earth right now to calm everyone’s fears.

Author — melonhead34


0:01 "Once in a Lifetime"

5:40 "World on Fire"

9:38 "Angels Above Me"

14:05 "Shine"

18:35 "All for You"

23:01 "Above the Storm"

27:56 "Whiskey Sun"

33:15 "Summertime"

37:14 "Easy Runaway"

41:00 "The Great Unknown"

44:43 "Rise and Fall"

48:20 "Life is a Party"

52:21 "Cocoa de Rock"

56:30 "Welcome to the Sun"

1:01:11 "Burn the Night"

Author — Ron Z


Ok so I am also a huge Tool fan. These albums came out on the same day and I can honestly say I listen to this one far more often. It's so relaxing.

Author — DeShauna


This album is music therapy 100%, manifest your own reality;)

Author — Lowkee


This album has kept me out of the graveyard and jail since i found it last year, so beautiful xxx Thank You SF <3

Author — KieRawn Kelly


My dog loved stick figure as much as I did. He was there with my cranking every album 10k times old and when the new stuff came out he was there with me to hear it for the first time. We both had the same deep emotional connection to your music and even though he’s gone that will never change or be forgotten. Thank you Scott, Kevin, Kevin and suli. I can’t express my gratitude I have for your music. Rest In Peace Wally.

Author — wally jr


Just found these guys on Pandora while jamming to one of my stations. They are completely underrated and their music is so good!!!

Author — Jalen Scott


This album is one of the greatest musical gifts to humans! Incredible

Author — Dewey Tucker


My dad loves your music and I have a little spot for it in my heart as well, we always listen to it on car trips and when we are having barbecues. My whole family loves your music and even my 3 year old brother. I'll be listening to this music as long as I live, thank you for bringing my family together. <3

Author — Day Family


I almost never listen to a full album to any artist. So much of the time there may be one or two songs I like but the rest not so much. I love this album. I listen to the full album at least once everyday, sometimes more. Your music has really helped me get through a rough patch in my life. I share this album and your channel with everyone that will listen to me. 😍😍😊

Author — Ansem Sparrow


1.Once in a Lifetime

2.World on Fire (feat. Slightly Stoopid) 5:40

3.Angels Above Me 9:42

4.Shine 14:07

5.All for You 18:35

6.Above the Storm 23:01

7.Whiskey Sun (feat. TJ O'Neill) 27:56

8.Summertime (feat. Citizen Cope) 33:15

9.Easy Runaway 37:13

10.The Great Unknown 41:00

11.Rise and Fall 44:43

12.Life is a Party 48:21

13.Cocoa de Rock 51:27

14.Welcome to the Sun 56:30

15.Burn the Night 1:01:11

oh and go buy the album :)

Author — Jaclyn Z


Grande Stick Figure!!
Excelente musica, inspiradora

Author — RepuestosWeb


This is my first time hearing this, and I'm about to cry.

Author — Ceddy Bear


About every 15 years a band comes along that is just.. on an entirely different level than all others. One that not only has literally no bad songs which is insanely rare, but also can completely disconnect you from your thoughts and make you feel and think in a completely different way. Stick figure is that band. I’m extremely picky with music, and found SF a few years ago and am just blown away how these amazing individuals can do no wrong. Literally makes every aspect of life better, happier, more driven, loving, just a healthy drug. Becoming iconic.

Author — Munthegun


Nunca canso de escutar esse álbum. É incrível....

Author — Eduardo Marino Mussnich


A vibe que vocês transmitem é inexplicável, som de todas minhas trips. Saudações do Brasil👽💚

Author — Nina C


I want this album to be listened by people at my funeral ❤️

Author — Obreja


This is so damn good, can't wait for the next album!

Author — Stefan