RhymeTube - ALL 4 U (feat. Ace Hashimoto)

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Waifu Wednesdays ー We Hope You Enjoy!
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▼ RhymeTube (producer)

▼ Ace Hashimoto (vocalist)

▼ 純生文屋 (illustrator)

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Shout-out to Dugan. The freshest JJktuber out there

Author — Donovan Riley


So guys, we did it.We reached a quarter of a million subscribers.Two hundred thousand subscibers and still growing.The fact that we reach this number in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal.I-I'm just amazed.Thank you guys for supporting this channel and helping it grow.I-I love you guys, you guys are just awesome

Author — IceWallowCome


wow don't usually listen to this music but holy crap became one of my favorite songs <3 thank you!~

Author — Lewd Senpai


Way different from the usual uploads but still very nice!

Author — ღicky Vicky


Man Ace Hashimoto has really upped his game. Lyrically and mastering and everything else has been so impressive

Author — blasphimus


Waifu Wendnesdays, I just wanna say, I never seen a anime music channel as good as you with all these amazing songs. I love them all, and keep on being awesome!

Author — Red


When he started going with the bilingual, I was actually surprised. Damn, a nice song overall!

Author — SilentMat20


Yes! Another good song, thank you! <3

Author — iZixer


What type of genre is this? Anime rap? Im new to this type of music and I already love this

Author — Edward Kenway


This one is going to my chill playlists

Author — DFM Sassy


2 seconds in I knew this would be good.

Author — J Jay Jae


i like how Fe4rless uses one of her songs and she gains half over her subs cuz of it *but the music is still the bomb*

Author — kimid


I love this got bored of the usual stuff

Author — DanNS1


I'm waiting for Ace Hashimoto to blow up he deserves it. If you guys enjoy this you'll probably like some of his songs on soundcloud too

Author — Polycubism


0:43 I was sure he was going to say “1, 2 Oatmeal.”

Author — smileyhead


Missing ya Waifu Wednesday! Hope everything's well with ya!

Author — Miokendai