Norwegian - Æ Ø Å (Letters you dont have)

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Norwegian - Æ Ø Å (Letters you dont have) 4.5
Lessons to explain the Æ, Ø and Å. Visualization of how to pronounce them!

Hey all Norwegian learners!
The language I'm teaching is not Bokmål nor Nynorsk. It's an east dialect and I don't think you will have much problem with bokmål after this. :) And everyone will understand this.

I am Norwegian, from Norway. Born and raised. I live in Oslo, with my husband and son.

I started filming with my webcam. Then i moved on to a Flip, then a Flip Mino HD. Then followed my iPhone, and Now I have a Panasonic HC-V210 :)
I edit with Vegas Pro.

Extra info about some of the videos is found here:

- This is also my norwegian blog. To get everything in one place!

Thank you to all subscribers, you are too sweet :) seriously, i love you!

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Nøw I knøw høw tø really prønounce twenty øne piløts

Author — m_txt


å is not a problem for me!

Thank god I live in Minnesota.
or minnesååååda.

Author — Andrew H.


Æ: The sound of the "A" vowel in the word "Hat."
Ø: The sound of the "O" vowel in the word "Hurt."
Å: The sound of the "A" vowel with the addition of a slight "W." Exempli gratia: The word "Gnaw."

Author — Ramy Jaroudi


This is a reason Denmark, Norway and Sweden are awesome. Just because

Author — LucasMaA


so i came here for my norwegian lesson from earlier today and i just realized

how weird does "twenty øne piløts" name sound if read literally?

Author — DaNeatra Barker


When you are from Norway and reading all The coments!😂

Author — Lil Bean Im a bean


"jeg bærte tåa mi, men så mista jeg den, og fant den på toget" :D

Author — Norwegian Teacher - Karin


Thanks, miss.  You look as sweet, tart, and fresh as a wild strawberry yourself!

Author — BenjaminFranklin99


Thanks! Also did you know that Æ in íslenska (icelandic) is pronounced like the "ie" in english "pie"?

Author — ॐSyzygy


I was just curious how Twenty Øne Piløts would be pronounced XD

Author — GrapieFly LPS


Hei! I want to say thank you to you for such good lessons ^^ You explain very well. Can you make a lesson about Diphthongers like "ei, øy, au, ai"? I will be very happy^^

Author — Anna Jensen


Thank you for this helpful video! You are so sweet. <3

Author — Erin Clark


we have ø for one reason, twenty øne piløts!

Author — Phoenix


Thanks for the tutorial. Trying to learn Norwegian, and this helps! OMG some of the cringey comments though.

Author — Gremm Paltakin


Å is the chevron for Earth in stargate! I like how the R’s almost become D’s after they roll off, and ascend oddly enough. Romance languages tend to end using a descending pitch unless it’s a question.

Author — Car Sessions With Karl


I've also heard that there is also "Éé" and "Ôô", though they are barely used. Ôô is especially rare.

Author — Surgé Land


We had like them sound in my language too, they're easy for me
anyway I'm Amazigh and thanks teacher :D



Your videos are really helpful! I've been learning a lot, thanks for teaching this beautiful language, I love it!

By the way...Are you a Manchester United fan, isn't? Hahaha.
Go Arsenal! #proudgunner

Author — Eric Tabales


that little laugh and "this is fun" at 1:10 was so sweet! I absolutely adore you, beautiful and wonderful Norwegian girl! *fawns over the Nordic lady*

Author — thenifell


I just love what she does with her eyebrowns all the time <3

Author — Tomáš Peterka