This Turkish Language Isn’t Spoken, It’s Whistled

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For three centuries, farmers living in the remote mountains of northern Turkey have communicated great distances by whistling. It’s a language called kuş dili that is still used to this day, though fewer people are learning it in the age of the cell phone. It’s also known as bird language, for obvious reasons. Muazzez Köçek lives in Kuşköy, and she is the best whistler in her village. Muazzez shows us how she uses varied pitch frequencies and melodies to translate Turkish vocabulary into whistles with meaning.

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I would love to see a rap battle between two people in this language

Author — Olisjo


Fun Fact: The name of the village, Kuşköy, literally means 'Bird Village'.

Author — Biancarmel


Me: can't whistle

Turkish village: look everyone! a mute!

Author — Pronin Apollyon


In an alternate universe: these birds don’t whistle, they speak Turkish

Author — Random person


Me: *Whistling a song*

Villagers: no need to get political bro

Author — Rasha Radityatamaa


I can’t even whistle and this lady is speaking a whole language with it

Author — UFaMM122 2


Fun fact: As a Turkish person, this is still very strange for me and most of the Turkish people. :)

Author — ZeynChan


I did not see any strange thing like this before . It is beyond my imagination . I just loved this . May Whistle Turkish live long .

Author — amily eliza


The Island of Gomera, one of the Canary Islands, also has a similiar language called "Silbo Gomero" (Gomero Whistle) allowing people to comunicate from up to 5 kilometres away.
Many years ago a few of my students gave me a demonstration in class! 8)

Author — mick2d2


“kuşköy “ means bird village ! thought it would be cool to know for those who don’t know turkish 🥺

Author — elif


now i wanna see a bird that speaks turkish.

Author — Kulvrik


Water in the kettle: *Boils*

Turkish person: yeah, my day was fine, how bout you?

Author — Young 'un


as a turkish person i never knew this was real lmao i thought people were fooling around when they mentioned bird language ajdjhkwdk

Author — wanda


Interestingly ... In my state, Meghalaya there too is a whistling village called Kongthong. Each villager has a unique tune given at birth which serves as their name.

Author — Aaron Kharkamni


Here in Spain we have a similar phenomenon on the island of La Gomera, it is a completely unique language in the world made up of whistles.

Author — Danielmagox


Tourist: the birds are lively this morning
Local guide: oh that's the baker arguing with his wife again.

Author — tomimn2233


Wow, this is beautiful! If more people watched this video, I bet they'd flock over to that village just to learn this amazing language! I know I want to! :D

Author — Chocolate Sugar-Lovage


Turkish woman: *talks about producing different pitches with different fingers*...

Me: "Sounds the same to me..."

Author — Your Physics Simulator - YouTube Channel


In Oaxaca, México there are some places where they also whistle to comunicate. But instead of turkish, they whistle Mazateco

Author — Roberto Vázquez Muñoz


Such a shame that such a unique language like this is dying

Author — Mikael Porter