Mel Lewis - Interview (1984)

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Peter Jaques in discussion with Mel Lewis and Mads Vinding

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Great to see Mel so healthy and youthful. Pity they couldn't use subtitles as half of the interview time is wasted translating it to German.

Author — vova47


Very sad to hear Mel talk about hopefully living 25 more years when we know that his life was cut short just 6 years later. What a tremendous loss.

Author — Nick Scheuble


Very well respected drummer. I for one always considered him a very very important drummer. He used Calf Skin heads and made them sound great. All in All Mel could play with any one. I first heard him with Stan Kenton in l956 and he knocked the audience out with his creative drumming. God Bless Mel Lewis.

Author — Ray Szymarek


Luckily it never came to that! Mel would have been glad to hear., , that in 2021 there are numerous bigbands in the world. Bigbands will never stop to exist. No doubt about that! It is just too much fun and a too good music !! That fear is long gone .

Author — Achim Hartmann