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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Hi 👋🏻💕
This is the first video, to show our typical date in Ikea before we started Youtube, more than 1 year ago😘

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Yay! A place for all your crafty stuff! 😍❤️😍

Author — J Logsdon


I am happy to be subscribed to this channel after 1 entire year with Mozzarella girl and Oppa you guys have come a long way 😊👍

Author — ScribblyArts


Subscriber 112! I love you guys! You're so cute together 💕 hope you stay healthy and happy 😁💕

Author — Isa C.


시작은 미비하나 나중은
Mozzarella Girl & Oppa 방송 구독자로서 Micaela 펜이 되었습니다
두분의 모습이 참 보기가 좋습니다
새롭게 시작된 방송 축하 드리며 항상 응원과 더불어 구독 열심히 하겠습니다
두분에게 항상 신의 은총이 가득하기를~~~~

Author — Richard park


Congratulations!! I look forward to another video 📹

Author — Mi_Umi


Congratulation to open your own chanel u will get a long way :) ex: already press subscirse

Author — 원혁