March: Is This The Month AI Will Change the World? w/ Astrologer Rick Merlin Levine

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

Join Amanda 'Pua' Walsh and Rick Levine on the newest episode of the Cosmic Connection LIVE.

You'll learn...
🌑 About the major transits happening in February and March and how they play into the Artificial Intelligence Storyline
🌒 Why we can expect forward motion in the incoming months
🌓 Why you want to pay attention to Venus in Pisces

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I am so ready for honesty, integrity, benevolence, kindness, love, forethought, & intelligence to be in the forefront.

Author — Deb Shipman


Rick is a master at his craft. I’m always so amazed by the breadth and depth of his knowledge. Thank you Amanda for bringing him to us. ❤

Author — Claudia Larsson


Yes dear Rick and Amanda. I am 51 years old, and have decided to enrol into a law course I left unfinished in my youth and I believe the forward facing outer planets and harmonious conjunctions are all in favour of my decision to become the change I have been wishing to see in our world. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance. Much love from Australia xxxx

Author — Jay May


How can you thank for making astrology part of my life?? I would be absolutely lost without it!! Thanks a million for this treasure!!

Author — Lianne Boyd


So accurate, I just sold my off-grid property but it took me a little while and I was kind of getting frustrated but trying not to but I leave in two weeks to move to the Llano River in Texas to hike into the backcountry panning for gold living off the land for a year hunting boar, rattlesnake, scorpions, tarantulas eating fish, eels and trapping crayfish...I'm bringing with me my portable solar generator and I will have my cell phone internet so I can stay connected with wonderful people like will be making documentaries of the journey)

Author — Zephaniah Marion


Thank you Amanda and Rick Levine. Always like a giant warm hug of information when I watch you both. ❤

Author — Stace Cadet


I needed to be reminded that fear is the opposite of love. Thank you both, as always.

Author — what's your glitch?


As always Rick, the great guiding light, thanks for sharing your gifts with such generosity 💜💜💜
Astrology Hub is such a wonderful place to explore and learn.
Really grateful for the insights 🎁

Author — Rosie Eilon


Love Rick’s description of Taurus. I’m Taurus/Cancer rising. 99.5% of the time I identify with Ferdinand sitting in the shade of a tree, sniffing flowers, daydreaming about peace, love, happiness and stubbornly oblivious to the dark clouds surrounding me. In spite of such an overalll pleasing nature I’m remembered for those rare times when I could no longer contain the angry bull and it wasn’t pretty. Sure didn’t gain me any friends and even though it occurred decades apart I recognized the pattern, I needed to be more assertive and establish better boundaries. I think everyone needs to face their darker side, know what they’re capable of doing in order to adequately evaluate the potential consequences in life & for all eternity.

Author — Boomer Jen


Many of Rick’s words resonated with me. Thank you! Especially “These symptoms I’m having are not immediately harmful to me.” I had an episode this weekend that can be seen as onset of stroke. I acknowledged this and began deep breathing and softening. Within 24 hours the symptoms were gone. I am, however, having a checkup with my doc. Could be flag waving angels.

Author — Suzanne Peters


When I have the time, these conversations are so informative. If you’ll Bookmark the astrology bits I would be able to absorb that much more easily. The lost time and focus is hard, I am guessing for a lot of people.

Author — Jeanne Collin-Smith


Thank you so much for this series. I have greatly enjoyed your insight and look forward to whatever is to come next. You’re an amazing teacher and we’re lucky to have your influence in this world.

Author — Valerie Spencer


Another great podcast. Love what you said about water in the air. I live in the tropics so always humid. Now have a better understanding of Aquarius. My moon is at 29degrees Capicorn so I will continue to have Pluto close by. Love what you said about how you dealt with anxiety. These physical sensations are not going to kill me. There is a book The Happiness Trap that teaches one to feel the sensations about sadness, grief, fear, to feel them in the body, locate them, and describe then kind of like how a scientist would describe something. For example, my heart feels like a bowling ball, It is black and heavy. It is throbbing. Provides some distance from the feeling and though may not like the feeing can live with it. Also as a heard some one word their feeling rather than say I AM angry, say I feel anger arise, or I feel sadness arise, impatience arise rather than i am that.

Author — Alice Hesselrode


Rick Levine is FANTASTIC! Astrology hub is wonderful - thank you Amanda!

Author — Ellen Morton


Hi Rick, Amanda and All! Watching after the live and to the glitch, it feels as though this Uranian Station has felt like a Mercury retro on steroids. Anyone else feeling grabbed like that? Also love the lilies!!! ❤💐💫

Author — Andria Nikoupolis Weliky


for me, if any fear comes up, I ask it what gift is within it--because there always is. Life happens for us, to move, grow, or just observe. When you look back at any fears they are always unfounded or they were a gateway to something wonderful

Author — Manifesting Your Souls Desire & Secrets of Water


Such a great Cosmic Connection - another one of the best! Thank you so much Amanda and Rick. So pleased to get a permission slip from Rick. : ) Rick's description of Aquarius as the water bearer and how that relates to water in the air and communication and electricity is brilliant. I enjoyed the two month format as a change of pace. I am in the Foundations 3 class and really looking forward to it. Thanks also to the AH crew behind the scenes - you are fabulous!

Author — Cheryl Ann Fulton


I really think you two compliment each other. I also watch Rick's youtube videos but somehow his message comes out easier to understand when you talk about the coming ahead. Thank you for the quality videos as always!

Author — mako tino


Thanks Rick you always spark the neural pathways.

Author — Mary-Ann Carleton