Democracy and Diversity with Yascha Mounk [S3 Ep.16]

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 months ago

My guest today is Yascha Mounk. Yascha is a political scientist and associate professor at Johns Hopkins University. He's also the founder of "Persuasion", which is a great online magazine I really recommend you all read. He is also the host of "The Good Fight" podcast. Yascha has a new book out called "The Great Experiment", which is what we'll be discussing in today's episode.

We talk about group psychology and tribalism, its origins, what it would look like to have a color-blind legal regime in America, cultural assimilation, and much more.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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A quite fantastic podcast that serves as a sane primer on so many of the key issues around nation building, democracy, race, class, and diversity. No less important, it models the sort of respectful, thoughtful, enquiring dialogue that is required for us to be enriched by each other's viewpoints rather than threatened by them.

Author — Worldly concerns


Coleman is a class above, even the adds are relaxing and tolerable 👍

Author — wiseone101


Wow! I can not believe there are only 2 responses to this podcast thus far. This was one of the best conversations that I have heard on race. I feel exceptionally fortunate to have lived long enough to hear the likes of Yascha Mounk, Douglas Murray, Jordan Peterson, and Coleman Hughes etc. give eloquent treatment to ideas that, when considered collectively, have the promise of moving us out of this era of Woke extremism. Although I share the view that the topic of race should not be conflated with that of class, I would have liked to have seen addressed the view that a certain degree of social stratification naturally and predictably evolves in a merit based system/society due to the degree of innate difference between individuals. Thank you so much!!

Author — Pa Ro


Incredible conversation, I wish this could play on every screen for people to watch and help bring some sanity to the world.

Author — Daniel Lionheart


I support your channel on Patreon precisely because of conversations like this. Thanks also for the conversation with Roland Fryer... I had been waiting for that and it did not disappoint. Good work.

Author — Andy May


Coleman and Yascha, this was a riveting, eloquent and elegantly thoughtful conversation that brought light and epiphany to the gnarled topic of race. Thank you both for a fearless and respectful presentation. This is the kind of education I should have been exposed to at university.

Author — Siri Glisson


I think this is a really nuanced and thoughtful discussion. Around the 28-minute mark I would have liked to hear Yascha's thoughts on education as it concerns the trends he's now referring to in elite US schools (affinity groups, etc.) and how this is different from education of past injustices in German high schools today. I think a common talking point is that Germany does a much better job of educating its children and young adults on historical wrongdoing than is the norm in the US (tbd here is whether this is intended to make people feel 'guilty'). Most people raised in the US who lean left, and many Germans I've spoken with who've spent significant time in the US, would agree this is the case.

Author — Steve A


"is a hotdog a sandwich"
my knee-jerk reaction is 'no' but the more I think about it the more I lean toward 'yes' :x

Author — Zidana123


Liberty and equal protection under the law are the key traits to a successful country. Sure, there will be a need for some laws to punish people who steal and hurt on purpose for gain, and only in those cases should democracy be used, to make those FEW laws that are necessary, apply to all equally, and if it requires any expenditures, all pay their same tax rate to fund it. All else is tyranny as democracy is just mob rule when you forget liberty and equal protection, which the US political class has discarded as it's not useful to corrupt criminals who command our lives.

Author — Home Wall


As a father, I noticed you did not mention your father and his race on the list of things that made you feel "warm" about America. No need to reply but otherwise stimulating conversation.

Author — Nolan Walker


Cannabis people have been kind and patient doormats for unjust marijuana laws for way too many decades.

Author — Joe Davis


What leader would not want Yousha Mounk as an advisor?

Author — SenorMorgenStern


Racial essentialism and diversity can not coexist.

Author — Jared Pearce


NGT is amazing and all but I got to be honest I was hoping to see Sam Harris rhyming when I clicked that link. That shit would be funny AF.

Author — T t