How to Make a WordPress Website | Divi Theme Tutorial 2021

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Here it is! Our updated tutorial for How to Make a WordPress Website using Divi Theme!

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00:00 - Intro/Overview of Site

01:21 - Step 1: Domain Name and Hosting
07:53 - Step 2: Install WordPress
11:52 - Step 3: Activate your DIVI theme

15:48 - Step 4: Create a header menu
16:01 - Creating Pages
17:35 - Creating a Menu
21:00 - Setting your Home Page
22:02 - Create a Logo for Free
28:58 - Setting Favicon
30:35 - Adding Logo to Header

32:09 - Step 5: Customize your website
33:01 - Selecting your Template Layout
36:09 - Changing Site Colors
43:22 - Editing: Hero Section
43:22 - Editing: Contact Forms
54:23 - Editing: Services/Call to Action
57:40 - Creating Icons for Services
01:05:43 - Changing Hero Image
01:12:10 - Editing: About Me Section
01:20:13 - Editing: Photo Gallery Section
01:27:09 - Editing: Testimonial Section
01:28:05 - Editing: Contact Us Section
01:35:38 - Adding Animations to the Site

01:45:26 - Step 6: Configure for mobile versions

01:47:28 - Outro: Like & Subscribe!


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I haven't even watched the complete tutorial and I am giving you a "like" for the time stamp section below. I am already familiar with Divi but need to improve my skills and learn more of the elements and what I can do with them. I also forget where to find certain things sometimes. This will be really helpful.

Author — Maurice Lee


Thank you for this tutorial! Divi comes so highly recommended for beginners. It’s great to see how to make a site with DIVI step by step, starting is the hard part!

Author — Katie J


Thanks for the thorough explanations. Wow! If I already have a Wordpress website and install Divi, will my content automatically be migrated onto the new theme or do I have to start from scratch?

Author — English with Miranda


Lovely Tutorial... I have a question.
Can we generate money, if we use only "Premade" Divi layouts?
If yes, what are the best practices?

Author — Usman Mumtaz


God bless you!!! Thanks to your video I was able to redirect my blogger to a WordPress and I was scared because I brought a divi theme but i found that it was too hard to use… but I just find this video and all I can say is THANK YOU!!!!

Author — Fatima Benghida


Thanks for the magnificent tutorial, i would like to develop (i will try). I have a queru - - - which theme will be good for bakery Shop, can i use the very same theme, please guide me on this.

Thanks for the Wp website development video

Author — Bhagat Kalra


I ran into an issue at 37:10 - got an error message inside a section "et_pb_text could not be displayed". This was fixed by updating my Divi theme to the latest version from Elegant themes website

Author — Martin Tõnumaa


This is very helpful thank you so, so much!!!

Author — Vana I


Some of my changes in the site aren't showing when I exit the visual builder. Can anyone give me the solution?

Author — AbG Game on


thank you for all of your videos they help me a o lot

Author — Ardian krasniqi


What part had the default colors setup? I missed and can’t find.

Author — kenyapup


A SaaS company is a company that hosts an application and makes it available to customers over the internet. SaaS stands for Software as a Service.

Author — GAME OVER


Do you have a video on how to transfer a domain name from blue host to host gator? i am trying to change mine .

Author — Ericka umonique


How to make a website like in wordpress???
Which plugins they are using?

Author — Babar khan


Please creating a video how to create a website by avada theme. Plz upload bro.

Author — Sourav Mahanti


Hi, Can you please tell me can we sign up for Google Adense for our web created from theappmine website

Author — Monster Gaming


How to host Codecanyon scripts and make SAAS Business

Author — GAME OVER


How to make SAAS business website and. How to host Codecanyon scripts please help dude

Author — Vaibhav Nagare


are are my great inspiration.. I'm your great from India.. love you man. ❤️❤️

Author — gopal krishna


Prefer Dale... dunno where this dude came from.

Author — Lucas Ayers