Trump Changes His Tune on Celebrating Ramadan | The Daily Show

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Trump Changes His Tune on Celebrating Ramadan | The Daily Show 5
Hasan Minhaj weighs in on the news that President Trump will host the official White House Ramadan dinner after cancelling the event last year.

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When I worked in food service (manager), I had 2 Muslim employees, and out of respect for them, I participated in not eating from sunup to sundown with them. I would have something ready to eat right at sundown, and we broke bread together before they started working. I would participate in any religious rites if any emloyees showed any inkling to practice their religion. In my opinion, we shouldn't ban all reilgious practices from government, but celebrate each and every one. I know that isn't possible, as people would "create" something here in the USA that would offend just about everyone, so it has to be separate.

I did find when people could see and educate each other in the religious practices of others, there was a lot less hate and more comradery among my employees. Also, I couldn't respect a religion that would have me, so I celebrated them all with people and stayed away from the tenants of organized religion.

Author — Sean Cook


*Happy Ramadan to those who are celebrating it! Stay strong on your fasting, You'll make it. Best of luck*
From VA. 💙

Author — Tun.


Who else likes the way Trevor says Muslim (perfect)

Author — amzz xx


Mother fasting is gonna be my new word 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Bts_slays_my_life


Oh believe me, Hasan — Trump is truly a test from God for everybody.

Author — Fey


I want someone to look at me the way Hasan looked at Obama Hussein Barack

Author — Erica Shady


Kumail better put Hasan in his next film!

Author — 19thHour


Turkey hates Syria? Really?!
No other country helped the syrians so much, as Turkey.

Author — Medine Baris


What are the chances that somehow pork will make its way into that banquet (by accident, design or both)?
Not meaning to sound too cynical, but knowing the Obnoxious Orange, I wouldn’t rule out that possibility.

Author — Cyrus Jed Binauhan


Or he is trying to get on the good side of Saudi Arabia and other Muslim majority countries.

Author — TJ


Hasan is always funny.
would b a hilarious scene to see trump hosting the same people he wants to ban.

Author — satish kumar


I wouldn't be surprised if he deliberately served pork to the Muslims. That's the sort of a**hole Trump is. It's only when he's desperate and failing, that he actually allows something to happen that he didn't want to happen in the 1st place.

Author — AllAboutTheAFC


oh ho ho, someone finally explained to trump how much america is indebted to Saudi i guess?

Author — Kaiser


Iftar: 8:20
Trump: dinner ends at 8:19 eat up ppl

Author — Sabrina Collins


One more thing. Alot of us will sometimes miss suhoor (pre dawn breakfast) because it can be hard to slither out of bed during a good dream at 3 AM, so alot of times we can be running on 20h of no food or water. Now imagine that! More than 20h of no food and water and then seeing Trump walk in xD

Author — Abd Jr.


trump would make the dinner time 3pm - 7pm

Author — A Stevens


Fasting Ramadan is one of the best things i do every year ...wish you had have a great Ramadan full of love and happiness ..and Hassan is just😂😂😂😂

Author — mi la


Oh sure, Trump wants to celebrate Ramadan, just wait till someone tells him he has to fast, he’lol have a panic attack.

Author — Gears4800


It was so great to have Hasan Minjhaj on the Daily Show. I miss his muslim humor. Bring him on the show more often. I love his delivery of jokes... so crisp and to the point.

Author — Lakshmi Dutta


No way. First time in ages I heard someone say "Muslim" with the s instead of a z. 👏

Author — Alicultivated