Best Video Editor for YouTube-Beginners - Movavi Video Editor Plus

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Best Video Editor for YouTube-Beginners - Movavi Video Editor Plus 5

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Movavi Video Editor Plus - is an intuitive yet powerful video editing software for Windows and Mac users. It’s a perfect tool for those who are just starting their YouTube journey, love making travel videos or lifestyle vlogs and want to make living out of it. Click on the timestamps below to see all the great features Movavi Video Editor Plus offers!

1:10 Create a quick video
2:19 Import Media
3:24 Basic editing in Movavi
4:19 Change clip duration
6:55 Detach audio from video
7:39 Add volume points in video and audio
10:07 Add transitions in Movavi Video Editor Plus
11:08 Add titles
13:22 Picture in Picture
14:53 Adjusting audio properties
15:24 Adding filters
15:53 The Effect Store
16:45 Adding stickers and callouts
18:12 Highlight and conceal
19:00 Chroma key in Movavi
20:14 Adding animation
21:07 Saving and exporting finished video

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Thank you so much sir, I was looking for this tutorial...

I have watched your many videos which is great tutorial.

Author — Keshav Chandrakar


I spent hours fiddling with clumsy programs, this one was incredibly easy to use. Took me less than 2 minutes to figure out my problem and I was ready to export a video.

Author — Peter Cini


I love the way you teaching/demonstrating different software. Please do more of these training videos. Thank you so much

Author — Doovidoo


Im really interested in this software thanks for the great tutorial!

Author — Soy Sauce Paul


thank you so much for this very clear tutorial, after watching it I decided to buy the program (Movavi) and could use it immediately.

Author — mireille4m


"And now i have these chickens.... on the road" haha great video! thanks for your help!

Author — JeffRobe


i use movavi to edit my videos :), love Movavi!

Author — Rivactic


Very helpful instructions. I'd like to make videos that include graphs. How can I do that?

Author — Loide Polli


Hello Jamie, thank you for the info. I'm using Mac and I just downloaded the Moravi trial version. It seems I can only play my recorded video with TV application. Is this correct?

Author — Jean-Marc Boussefa


Very informative especially for the beginner, thank you!!

Author — Robert Held


As usual, thank you for your tutorial. Very detailed and easy to follow. Peace.

Author — Jeralo


Awesome program, already making videos. This walk through was the reason why I bought the program, super easy to use.

Author — Mark Frederiksen


Learnt a lot from you! Even though I actually edited my last vacation videos on this!
Thanks a lot!

Author — Finanzdino


Thank you so much! I just started my YouTube channel and i'm not a video editing expert. This video is great for a beginner like me. Maybe i'll up my skills after a bit and can do more. Amazing tutorial! Teacher Andrea

Author — Andrea Greene


Hi sir..

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, could you kindly recommend free video editors for beginners.. Kudos

Author — Mosul Ray


Good teacher, took me through at a pace i could deal with, am going to buy the program

Author — Peter Scott


Thank you so much! Would love for you to do more thorough tutorials on this software.

Author — Cindy Keil Coaching


Thank u sooo much! This really helped me a lot!👌👌👌

Author — Lovely DJ


Excelent introduction and more. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and for doing it with such attention to detail.

Author — Armando Núñez Portillo


Thanks so much for this its brilliant o was wondering can you delete the saved video ones its uploaded to youtube im new to all this so i dont now thanks again for this tutorial video mate

Author — Gamer Legend 84