How to 'S-MOUNT' (Plus 4 BJJ Submissions)

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While at Evolve MMA in Singapore, I met up with no-gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion: Bismarck Gomes. In this #BJJ tutorial, Bismarck shows 4 submissions from s-mount, including 2 armbar variations, an omoplata, and a triangle choke.


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I'm Vietnamese. I often watch your videos. Although I don't understand what you said, I still watch and learn. I hope that your channel will always grow and if there is more Vietnamese subtitles in your videos, it is good. I and many other Vietnamese people can understand and learn more. Thank you very much for making time for this comment. This English translation is already typed on google so I hope you will read and help

Author — Quang Dự Phạm


I hope Shane never stops making videos I love watching this stuff!!!😁👍

Author — PieterK


0:39 Armbar
1:19 Omoplata
2:57 Armbar (variation)
4:23 Triangle

Author — Juan José Rozas Avello


S-mount is a go to for me. I learned it forever ago at an old gym and still use it. Only one other person at my gym knows it so I use it all the time. It's super stable, very hard for somebody to bump you off. All I hit from it is the triangle though so thanks for the series💪🏽💪🏽

Author — Dialo Hurt


Love your technique. Thanks for the video.

Author — William Laurin


Very helpful from total basics to advanced in a short video with a short intro.

Author — benja584


He actually teaches at my outlet of Evolve MMA. I never got the chance to attend one of his classes though and hilariously enough, the most I have seen him do is the kids classes lol.

Author — HulkVahkiin


Thank you for the great instructions.

Would you please consider making these excellent educational videos when the gym is empty?

Would you also try using wireless mics on the instructors if you are not already doing so.

It’s difficult to hear and concentrate on the instructions with all the background noises.

Thank you for sharing your expertise.

Author — metaprojectsDOTcom


I have been doing jiu jitsu for 3 months now . i get to mount often but dont really have any good attack, usually just go for their arm in some way and they use it to sweep me off

Author — thug nation 420


Hey, Shane, when will you have your double end bag out for sale? I’m looking forward to picking one up!!

Author — Jason W


Hi shane great video but could you do 20 -30 Minutes live heavy bag workout (boxing, muay thai or mma)pls?

Author — Ok 1


When I saw the thumbnail I thought Drake had you in a mount.

Author — MrJamesdryable


Hey Shane love your videos was wondering would u ever consider doing the fighttips gloves again

Author — Hero Hawk Productions


Super! Do you consider S mount a better position than normal mount? (speaking not only under bjj prospective but also MMA).

Author — Criostasi


Hey Shane
Just wondering could you do a couple of videos on judo as there are not many high quality videos to do with judo. Thx
Great video

Author — Max Seely


Going for jiu-jitsu classes in a couple days, can’t wait!!!

Author — Just a sleep paralysis demon with internet access


Not only did I learn S mount but how to move into it and up the body

Author — MrPerxz


Hello shane, writin here cuz this is the recent one. Im doin kickbox for 6 months 33yrs old short avg weight woman. I have weak punches, avg left kick, great right kicks. Average cardio, i dont feel much pain when i get hit i go on, im very flexible and i run fast but get tired soon. What do u think my fightin technique should be? Should i work on my flaws and be all around or work for perfection on good points? I know im miles away from a decent fighter but i wanna walk in right direction.

Author — Never Beaten


He make them looks easy but the omoplata is really an hard submission from top position!!!!

Author — Marco De Giovanni


I have a question. I haven't trained in any martial arts (finance reasons) but I'm curious, I'd want to learn BOTH kyokushin and Muay Thai... But Is this possible? Is it possible to learn two different striking martial arts? Like how would my body function reflex wise? How would I know how to combine the two?

The reason I want to do both is because I think kyokushin looks cool in an artistic way but muay Thai seems more powerful.

Anyway, is it possible to be good at both? If so how?

In terms of the proficiency I expect I'd prefer a black belt in kyokushin and the equivalent in Muay Thai.

I've heard of instructors who've done multiple martial arts but in some cases they usually stop one in order to pursue the other.

So just to reiterate, my question is not "which martial art is better /which is better for me"

My question is, can a human being learn both and be proficient at both at the same time?

Author — Random Smart Stuff