UFC 246 Ceremonial Weigh-Ins | McGregor and Cowboy face off!

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UFC 246 Ceremonial Weigh-Ins | McGregor and Cowboy face off! 4.5
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Sounds like his mum might be not well or something, he looked emotional when he said he was dedicating it to her.
He said earlier in the week she was going to be in

Author — MMAGA


cowboy looks like someone that just got paid millions hahaha i love it

Author — Troy Morgan


Is that woman the security guard who lost her job for protecting the store? And Dana said he’s going to get her a job? What a guy 😂👏🏼

Author — Nick Diaz Army


"Look into my eyes little man" ~ The Undertaker

Author — Lon A


Nobody :
Cowboy : we're gonna blow the roof of this building
Conor : Good man good man
Eddie's wife :

Author — Notorious Faridh


*Warning* : This press conference may contain strong language an flashing lights

*But please tune in for a possible blood bath*

Author — **


Is that the woman who stopped the shop lifter at the staredown

Author — Tam Robertson


Cowboy pulls off upset..via head kick.

Author — Matt Miranda


18:00 wtf?! how is that not kelvin gastelum??

Author — sayazdir


I predict a first round knockout through a kick to the face by Cowboy

Edit : Meant kick by Mc Gregor

Author — Justin McCooey


Damn Megan looks Thicc in those pants😍

Author — Hat Nation


Connor looks jacked!! I love it when he screams on the scales 😂, and that quick handshake with cowboy before starring him down was crack up

Author — WeAreLive!


The ice man was the reason I became a fan of this sport true warrior

Author — Stephen Humphris


let's go Holly! our great white ho! I mean hope!

Author — Immigrant Mentality Stiopic


Rogan on his tipee toes trying to get a good look of the face off tho

Author — Anvil00Horror __


Mcgregor knockout round 1 get your money on it now easy money 💵

Author — Chris Hansen


The amount of times cowboy said it going to blow the roof off

Author — Snapbomb !!


Big mouth, MC Gregor must fight with justin gaethje or Tony Ferguson before fight with the eagle

Author — bengkel helm


Sounds like the old conor is back good stuff! ❤️ Money can change anyone people remember that before u judge! Lets go conor 🇮🇪

Author — Jason Clarke


What’s the song they used at 33:00? Or the final weigh in ?

Author — TeaR