Every Slam Finish in UFC History

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Every Slam Finish in UFC History 4.5

Relive every finish via slam in UFC history. The first slam finish occured at UFC 16 in 1998 thanks to Frank Shamrock and most recently at UFC 237 last year by Jessica Andrade to become UFC champion.

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Yo, the guy in that second slam really showed a lot of good character not hitting an unconscious opponent!

Author — GOD OF THUNDER Kelley


"You can't hold the fence. You gotta let go"
"Ok ... I guess I'll just die then."

Author — Black Wolf


It's disgusting seeing him elbow that guy multiple times when he's clearly unconscious

Author — Gamestar


Dominick Cruz saying Andrade can't lift as she's literally lifting Rose off her feet is almost as hilarious as him saying Conor was gassing Khabib out by getting punched in the face.
Dominick "Alcohol and Cigarettes" Cruz back at it again.

Author — Luke Outcold


Fighter :almost has their neck snapped
Crowd: 🎉 🎉🎉

Author — Ahzam Arain


the first one she could have literally killed her by accident
EDIT: thanks for the likes but these comments are hilarious

Author — Nick Larosa


This move is going to kill somebody one day

Author — Beau


7:06 when your character in UFC 3 doesnt have a finishing celebration

Author — you’re breathtaking


7:02...Know when your opponent is out. He's lucky he didn't kill that guy.

Author — Vile Foxxx


"Its ok when they die. They want to be there!"
Some guys here lost humanity!

Author — GTA V


I really respect the second dude how he raised his fist and could have pummeled him but knew it was over and stopped.

Author — Vegan Life Change


idk man something about hitting a dude when he's clearly unconscious from a 7 foot drop doesn't seem right to me

Author — robes


5:13 yo Tom Cruise's got some crazy moves

Author — Weed


2:37 matt hughes actually went out, he said so in an interview. He thought the fight was called because he got choked out but realises the slam got called

Author — Billy Manley


4:15 backflip to superhero landing haha.

Author — Ashley King


These are cool but it’s so nasty seeing people getting smashed after they’re already unconscious

Author — james


What I'm seeing is a lot of refs that need more training. Get herb dean in there, the ref needs to be engaged and ready to stop the fight when a fighter is unconscious. So many unnecessary blows to the head.

Author — H C


Crazy to think that Matt Hughes was unconscious when he slammed him. Didn’t know what was going on when he stood up

Author — loozr


8:08 worst reff! wtf standing there watching 4sec, he forgot he the ref thou

Author — Philip


Never understood how being able to slam someone on their heads, potentially breaking their knecks or massive head trauma is legal but a 12-6 elbow will get you DQ'd.

Author — scottatkinson666