$1000 Nepal Haircut 🇳🇵

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$1000 Nepal Haircut 🇳🇵 5

■ NEPAL, KATHMANDU: One of the first things I saw when I arrived downtown Kathmandu was a run down barber shop. From 7 in the morning til at least 8 at night (which is the latest I've walked by) this family of barbers work seven days a week. Usually I prefer the sitting on a chair on the street type of haircut experiences but I figured I'd give this barber a go for a change.

It turned out to be quite an entertaining haircut to say the least....

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The father was actually trying to say this is a family business and all my property belongs to my son anyway so why pay him a salary?

Author — Nepali Hiker


Harald: "can you record my haircut?"
Indian guy: *room tour it is ?*

Author — Wait What


i like how a random mexican dude just comes out of no where HAHAHA

Author — LuXur


The indian guys means, he is my son. Everything is his, he doesn't need salary. My everything is his.

Author — Suraj Gautam


This kid looks 16 why he lying bout being 20 😂😂 reminds me of me at work 😂

Author — Yung Lord


Don't you realize the boy knows the memes.

'how long have you been cutting hair?'

Author — Cactus2734


17:38 Mexican dude like: "WTF am I witnessing?" 😂

Author — JSkillz


Harald: Can you film the haircut for me?
Barber: yes I'll give a room tour of my shop.

Author — Sabin T Rex


He was saying, "He's my son. All my earnings are his."

Author — Birendra Bist


They are increasing price actually it is just 100 to cut hair
Although I am nepali too. I just wanna say that People are guest in our country we should try decrease the price instead the are searching for the profit

Author — Roger


He asked "how old are you"
But you don't respond him
How old are you bro

Author — War Zone


If you stay longer in asian countries, you will have broken english when you return haha 😀

Author — bg gh


I feel like Harold when I go to the Turkish barbers In England

Author — Desorbz


08:03 when you realize your haircut is sh** 😂😂😂

Author — Bodo Schafskäse


0.7$ is the rate in local barbers shop
He overcharged you

Author — Pawan Poudel


when u gave him the camera and then he showed his shop with it LOL😂

Author — ΙѕѕaМoтιve


You got scammed mate, It takes just 1 dollar lol

Author — Prastav Mgr


1:12 when he said “Do you have a machine” the hair cutter totally missed the opportunity to say “I am the machine but yes I have a machine”

Author — XBlakeFreemanX


When old man say: son has no salary k🤣🤣🤣

Author — Sita Saru Magar


19:20 I think he thought u want to buy his son

Author — SWAMPER