New video shows Kobe Bryant's helicopter before crash

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New video shows Kobe Bryant's helicopter before crash 4.5

Federal investigators are looking at new clues about the final moments of the Sunday helicopter flight that ended in tragedy for nine people, including Kobe Bryant. They say all the wreckage has been removed from the crash site and is being transported out of state for analysis. Newly surfaced video taken before the crash appears to show the aircraft in mid-flight, before it crashed into the Calabasas hillside. Kris Van Cleave reports on the ongoing investigation.

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I can’t even comprehend how scared those kids were.

Author — Ari K.


Guys don't disrespect the pilot he is a human with a family, he did his best and he's dead now

Author — Kabuto 07


Ara Zobayn
John Altobelli
Sarah Chester
Keri Altobelli
Alyssa Altobelli
Payton Chester
Christina Mauser
aren't just "the others." they were people too and we need to pay our condolences to them and their families as well

Author — Disk of Prudence


I really wonder what was happening inside like 10 minutes before it crashed :(

Author — Videogamerboyforever


I can’t believe Kobe Bryant died a terrible death.

Author — Nosy Rosie


Don’t give all the hate on the pilot. He lost his life too.

Author — Josh Parkers


There was three teens, 14, 13 and 14. Sad, very sad.

Author — • Kayla


Pilot made a mistake, but god dammit he's also dead. Stop suing everyone and everything 😑

Author — Emily Parish


K: keep

O: on

B: balling

E: everyone

Author — missthicknsexy2009


What happened to Kobe and Gianna is heartbreaking and sad but god damn show some respect to all 9 victims, don’t just label them as “the others”

Author — Kevin Henry


I can't imagine those last moments between him and his daughter. It haunts me.

Author — 1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content


I wish I could go back in time and stop that helicopter from taking off

Author — Tim D


The harder u try to forget this, the more u’ll think unconsciously.

Author — Di Yora


Dude just lost his bearing and flew into the side of a mountain. They never even knew what happen.

Author — James Libby


Bro its so dumb how y'all blame the pilot who lost his life to.

Author — That Boy Will



the thought of that is absolutely horrible

Author — Bei Sun


I don’t care how popular you are, life is beautiful and this should be a lesson on how life is so fragile and you should always love one another and forgive!

Author — Cake Mix


Imagine if The titanic didn’t sink imagine if Kobe And Gianna never died imagine If Australia didn’t blaze imagine if China was in their right mind imagine if Covid didn’t exist Imagine if that was all a dream and everything was gonna be Ok

Author — • B u t t e r f l y •


Man, that was a nasty crash. Probably wasn't much left of Kobe or his daughter after that impact.

Author — Michael Ojeda


'You're only dead when you're truly forgotten.'

~Kobe Bryant, 2019.

Author — Oscar N