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A Q&A with Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Teyonah Parris, Kathryn Hahn, Kat Dennings, and Randall Park of WANDAVISION. Moderated by Jenelle Riley, Variety.

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paul and his story about thinking he was gonna get fired part 580 lmao gotta love him

Author — 💋💋


Elizabeth needs to understand she’s a great actor!!!

Author — R


Years have passed but paul is still reminding us that he thought he was getting fired love him

Author — Marsa Andari


Aka the WandaVision cast praising Lizzie for nearly an hour

Author — Johanna Paris


8:06 Paul begins to retell the same story of him thinking he was getting fired for the time 🤣🤣

Author — Gabriella Dezan


Kathryn is so powerful to play a crazy kind of villain, and Elizabeth is so powerful to play an emotional woman.

Author — Juinyee Pui


Teyonah is so charismatic when she explains her auditioning snd getting the role. I thoroughly enjoy her and can’t wait to see more from her! Protect her at all cost

Author — Bryan D


I love how Paul imitated Lizzie's thumbs up that was the cutest thing

Author — Hopeless Nostalgic


Episode 5 is my favorite. I love when Wanda confronts Sword. The scene where she rolls the credits is also so great. Another one that I like is when Agatha ask Wanda if they should start the scene again. I love this show and the meta concept.

Author — Fernanda Abreu


It's a little embarrassing to have crushes on everybody who's being interviewed.

Author — David Bloom


lizzie: *does thumbs up*
paul: *sees her do it and does the same*

that was just so funny and adorable 😂

Author — belxva


Love seeing a cast interview where Kat and Randall are included! The Monica, Darcy and Jimmy trio really made the "outside of the Hex" parts of the show more enjoyable ❤️

Author — Rain


1:03 is just the cutest. lizzie doing a little thumbs up and paul copying her then everyone laughing. oh how much i love this cast

Author — hey hey hey


This was incredible. Basically an interview full of people that are preaching each other.! That's why the show was so good, the respect and admiration these actors have for each other and how they clearly bounce off of each other's energies and experiences on set is what made the show was it was ♥

Author — Adele Moravcov


Come on, SAG and Emmy voters. Do the right thing, give Kathryn Hahn and Elizabeth Olsen their Emmys and SAGs. Jenelle Riley is the best interviewer in entertainment, I love her!

Author — Ernie


Absolutely love the interviewer! I love how she included everyone. Especially that part where everyone else was talking about having a hard time with special effects but Kat and Randall were quiet because they couldn't really relate but she went on to ask them about what's it like to act as relatable characters.

Author — starry eyed


Lizzie is the cutest she literally deserves the world

Author — Lisa-Marie Schmidt


I will never get tired of hearing Paul's story about almost losing his job

Author — Esther A. M.


I love Lizzie! She's such a great actress and person!
This whole cast is amazing!

Author — Cuppie Cupsters


Wow she’s honestly a great interviewer

Author — _Stark Edits_