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From the natural looks of early beauty pageants in the 1920s and the thick brows and red lips of 1940s pageants, to the high drama pageant makeup of the 1980s and the shimmery, glossy 2000s looks, take a look back at the last century of beauty pageant makeup.

Makeup Artist: Yuui Vision

Hair Stylist: Melissa Formica

Stylist: Chasidy C. Billups

Wardrobe Credits:

Dress – Haus Alkire; Shoes – Gray Matters; Gloves - Wing & Weft; Necklace & Tiara – Abracadabra NYC

Dress - KES; Shoes - Gray Matters; Hosiery - Wolford; Gloves - Wing & Weft; Tiara Abracadabra NYC

Vintage Swimsuit - Early Halloween; Shoes - Mercedes Castillo; Jeweled Hairpiece - Erickson Beamon; Hosiery - Wolford; Earrings - DECADE Vintage; Scepter - Abracadabra NYC

Gown - Christian Siriano; Earrings - Erickson Beamon; Gloves Wing & Weft; Tiara - Abracadabra NYC; Shoes - Mercedes Castillo

Vintage Swimsuit - Early Halloween, Shoes - Mercedes Castillo; Necklace - R.J. Graziano; Tiara - Abracadabra NYC

Double Layered Dress - Lacausa; Shoes - Pedro Garcia; Earrings - Erickson Beamon; Pendant - Erickson Beamon; Tiara - Abracadabra NYC

Gown – Christian Siriano; Gloves – Wing & Weft; Earrings – Erickson Beamon; Tiara – Abracadabra NYC

Dress - Samuji; Earrings - Erickson Beamon; Shoes - Mercedes Castillo; Tiara - Abracadabra NYC

Top - Lacausa; Bottom - Samuji; Shoes - Mercedes Castillo; Earrings - Erickson Beamon; Tiara - Abracadabra NYC

Dress - Milly; Shoes - Mercedes Castillo; Earrings - Erickson Beamon; Tiara - Abracadabra NYC

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100 Years of Pageant Makeup | Allure

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Everyone's all happy and smiling then we got the 80's girl having a breakdown

Author — hop


*2019: spray tans on 4 year olds and fake eyelashes*

Author — nycgigi


"More is more" is definitely the best way to describe the 80s

Author — T M


It's kind of interesting how through out the decades we keep seesawing between bold and natural looks

Author — Sydney Daum


who else was paying more attention to the dresses than the makeup

Author — Rose Velasquez


Designer: How short do you want your dress to be?
Pageant: Yes

Author — Manisha Jindal


oK bUT all the ladies here were absolutely stunning

Author — kireicha


I thought this was BuzzFeed. But then I realized that the make up was actually good.

Author — Megha


My favorites in order:
1. 1920's. I love how they judged.
2. 1930's. Simple.
3. 1980's. Simple, yet poofy.
4. 1950's. IT'S SO FLUFFY!

Author — Morgan Stockberger


I love the 1920s. The way they emphasize on natural beauty and I just love the look on the girl, especially the colour of that dress and her hair. And shouldnt the pencil thin eyebrows be in 1920s as well? Because of the silent films and pictures of silent actresses I've seen. Correct me if Im wrong.

Author — peachology


the 80’s girl is me when I haven’t studied and I have exactly things to do in the matter of 10 minutes

Author — El Monte 411


As a pageant enthusiast, I really appreciated and enjoyed this video. 80s were my personal favorite. Not so much the makeup but the gown. 80s were all about the theatrical gowns with the big bows and peplum covered in metallic silk fabric. Pageant dresses in the 80s showed a lot of personality.

Author — robert stanley


Did anyone notice that the 1960's girl had on shoes that were waaaay too big for her.

Author — Lonelyjokers4


The black girl was the most stunning. I was blown away by how perfect she always looked

Author — seajay_09


The 1990s and 2010 models are stunning, with or without makeup ❤️

Author — Victoria Sharpe


I read pregnant makeup
update: it's a year later and it turns out i actually needed glasses cuz of my bad eyesight ahaH

Author — jenlxs7


The 80s has a place in my heart forever

Author — Cyber Wolf


Who else loved the 1940s dress. I would so wear it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Author — Emily Grace


I love love LOVE these 100 years series <3 :)

Author — hello


Whoever was the 80s girl was awesome. she really got into it!

Author — IceQueen975