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What It's Like to Grow Up in the Narco Zone | Op-Docs 5

This week we continue with “A Moment in Mexico,” our special series of six Op-Docs by Mexican directors. The second film in the series is Everardo González’s haunting “Children of the Narco Zone,” which is a companion piece to his stunning feature documentary, “La Libertad del Diablo” (or “Devil’s Freedom”).

In both films, González explores the personal toll of organized crime and the drug war through searing interviews with people with direct experience either of violence or its social ramifications. In “Children of the Narco Zone,” the focus is specifically on how a climate of violence affects children and shapes their understanding of what’s right and wrong. As in “La Libertad del Diablo,” González dresses all his subjects in masks — partly to give them anonymity, and partly as an eerie aesthetic choice. But the result is a mosaic of deeply individual testimonies.

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The masks make it look like a horror movie but this is real life not a movie

Author — local idiot


Such a poor job with covering the women’s identity.

Author — Tanha C


they did basically nothing to protect this woman. shame on them.

Author — Kenzie Blue


These masks literally show all the important features that are recognizable on someones face. Why didnt they censor them instead

Author — rosie_taylor g


Yall did a horrible job hiding identities.

Author — Mya


Who else found this in their recommended

Author — Yatana Santana


There is a rumor that has been spreading around this comment section that the teacher was mutilated, dismembered, killed and then burnt while being recorded, and that the video was supposedly posted on the dark web. After several hours of research I am rather confident that this rumor is FALSE. Here's why:

Author — XQQ437 0


In the meantime... Netflix is making billions producing Narco films.

Author — Rodolfo Hernandez


Could have censored their eyes and gave them all one voice.

Author — hazel ford


this seems like a whole different world, so bland and so sad...this isn't right

Author — Glxw Juicy


Who else was like WTF when they clicked the video

Author — 50 000 subs with 0 vids


Yea y’all did a bad job covering her identity. Should’ve at least covered her mouth. 😑

Author — sasukeisbae And naruto


You guys are responsible for her death if she gets killed

Author — Edgar Quintana


That teacher was reported as missing and was probably tortured to death. Because they don't understand the lives of these people and are just careless to make money off of a video. I feel so terrible. Since I've gotten such backlash for this comment, I have to explainthere are so many reports of kids, and teachers found dead and tortured. Just because of things like this. Exposure I understand the concerned it happens a lot I apologize for the inconvenience.

Author — Paloma Carpenter


It’s kinda crazy how a 5 year old can put a hit on anyone

Author — Daniel Sanchez


honestly the thumbnail scared me.
Never heard of the Narco Zone.

Author — Reejy


And people in the USA be complaining about having a "hard life"

Author — zara landa


the fact that this interview happened puts these people in danger to start.

Author — Published


Don't ever do this again!! We don't need to see her face idiots ( are close ups really needed?) and distort her voice next time! Just reckless reporting 😤😤 You can get the story without exposing people.

Author — MsChmpnprzr


I'm Mexican, and afortunatly I live in a estate that the narco don't have a lot of control, and for me this is so sadly and is the dark side of Mexico

Author — Sarah S