15 MIND BLOWING PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTS | మీ మతిపోగొట్టే 15 Psychological Facts | Info Geeks

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15 MIND BLOWING PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTS | మీ మతిపోగొట్టే 15 Psychological Facts | Info Geeks 5

15 MIND-BLOWING PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTS | మీ మతిపోగొట్టే 15 Psychological Facts | Info Geeks

The brain has its mysterious ways to work, Have you ever thought that why do we feel good when we listen to music? , Why does someone feel intelligent without knowing a thing? In this video, we are going to share with you such mind-blowing facts.

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Meeku nachina fact emito kindha comment cheyyandi. thank you



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0:49 #15 Dopamine Addiction
1:52 #14 Music changes mind
2:42 #13 Sunlights and stress
3:24 #12 language logic of brain
4:17 #11 intelligent experiment
5:11 #10 sarcasm is good for health?
5:46 #09 pain of rejection
6:22 #08 sleeping is ok, but not oversleepg
7:09 #07 negative in genes
7:58 #06 fast reading
8:38 #05 universal perspective canonical..
9:35 #04 secret anxiety
10:16 #03 art of remember
11:25 #02 Mood sickness
11:51 #01 Signing to relieve anxiety

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Aa dopamine vale ipudu ee video chustuna 😁😁

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#my favorite fact
Listening to music gives relaxed mood for me.

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Music మాత్రమే కాదు నీ information videos కూడా addiction maaku

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Real life loni konni situation s already nenu chusanu anipestundy... Ade dream lo na real aa ani ardam kaadu... What is my brain condition

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Universal perspective : canonical view ardam kaledu bro

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లేదు ఇప్పుడు పాట పడాలంటే సింగర్ అయితేనే నేను పాడుతా. అప్పటి దాకా ఈ ఉద్యమం ఆపేది లేదు....✊😎

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Your voice is awesome bro Filmy geeks, Info Geeks.

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Bro, please can u explain how to overcome from negativity....

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Ah 15 points description lo mention chesthe nenu video chudala vadda decide chesukuntam. Nachithe screeshot kuda tiskuntam. Na comment chadivthe like kottu mari

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Diplomatic ga Ela undalo oka video Chey Chala video adigan evi cheyyatledu....idhi Aina chey atleast

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Today I found answers to many of my questions

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Sarcasm..sunlight&stress... art of remembering...

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Ur Tips good sir and I wanted more like this sir.

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Best informative video bro, and thank you, because kotha vishayalani telusukuni ma brain grow ayelaga chesav, ilanti videos mareno cheyalani asistunam bro!

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Silent boy emotion gurimchii theory cheyamdi broooo

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Dreams paina oka video cheyandi brother

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your videos are getting improved, video after video. I think you deserve more than what this channel has right now. the Quality and Quantity is pretty good. Good luck boss. I hope you keep on doing these interesting stuff.

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