Jeff Sessions resigns as Attorney General

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Jeff Sessions resigns as Attorney General 5
Attorney General Jeff Sessions submitted his letter of resignation. John Roberts reports.

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Here we go, the real fun is about to kick off, time to stock up on the popcorn, it's going to get bumpy.

Author — ikm64


Omfg he was the worst. He literally did nothing.

Author — Horton El Troll


Good now maybe Trump can get a good Attorney General that's worth a crap in there ! Jeff was a worthless phony!

Author — john brandenburg


Good! If only he wasn't picked in the firsts place. What a worthless piece of you know what.

Author — John Phillips


Happy retirement Jeff! You milked the D.O.J. system for far too long and your time-card is officially ...disabled.

Author — Elko Bill


Step 1: Replace Jeff Sessions
Step 2: Declassify as much of the FISA documentation as possible
Step 3: Get testimony from all key players, especially McCabe, on the record
Step 4: Begin prosecutions
Step 5: Determine ways of safeguarding against this happening in the future

And so it begins...

Author — Carl K


Okay, have to say, good did not do well Jeff You and Rosenstein were both incompetent.

Author — John Tatum


Say what? The Attorney General resigned? We have an Attorney General??? Really? Where have I been. I didn't think there even was an Attorney General for the last 2 years. Hell. Sure fooled me!!! Say - what WAS his name anyway??? Help me out here.

Author — Barney Quinn


Buckle up folks. Things are about to get sporty in Washington. Popcorn time.

Author — Juiceboxx TM


I didn't think he ever started doing anything to resign from!!! lol good riddance

Author — supaglide


Wothless no good sucker. Back to the woods Jeff!

Author — Doctor D


He has done nothing useful for 2 years .... a disgrace.

Author — Eric Shutter


Lets put real fear in to the eyes of the democrats. Cavaungh.

Author — Donald Pilson


Because of Him, We Were Given a Democrat in The Senate.

Author — champbear90


2 Years too late. Wasted time. MAGA. Now, lots of criminal evidence has turned up over the last couple years. Prosecute NOW.

Author — David Wiita


When is there going to be an investigation into voter fraud and voter influence by the means of Twitter YouTube Google Etc. I can't even like my own president's tweets I've been suspended permanently from Twitter with no explanation at all. They probably done this to millions of conservatives

Author — nj13 nj13


Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out there Jeffrey.

You've been a complete let down. Thanks for wasting two years.

Author — Brandon S


What a shame resume, he lost face big time . Any where he goes will be reminded that he was a Fart in the White House . Sessions just move to a other country .

Author — Angel Rod


*JS was put in place to stifle justice* until the *house* could be *flipped* and *NOW THEY WILL BURY JUSTICE!*

Author — Brian Crane


That's why you can't judge a book by it's cover. In the beginning I thought Jeff Sessions was going to help President Trump drain the swamp and arrest the bad guys. But he didn't do anything at all to help President Trump. I'm sure glad he got fired. We don't need people like him in power. He turned out to be a Judas Iscariot.

Author — Pete Morales