Unboxing: Papo Dinosaurs 2019

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

My first look at some highly anticipated new dinosaur figures!

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The pose is incredible.
How they managed to make it look natural both tearing up on its hind legs and on all fours is incredible

Author — Michael Floyd


The papo Gorgosaurus looks much better on camera than on the images. That Pentaceratops is awesome! I want to do an unboxing but can't find any accompanying media to go with it.

Author — Keep Calm & Love Dinosaurs


Definitely gonna pick up the box set, getting money ready for a huge papo order for my diorama I’m making. Papo is easily the best company in my opinion!

Author — Sacrqd _


Good vid. I am torn of getting either the papo gorgosaurus or the pap p feathered velociraptor

Author — Bilbo Baggins


I noticed Sede, the PNSO Ankylosaurus in the background . Is she part of the welcoming committee, or were you playing on the carpet when the postman arrived ?

Author — ArawnsFire


La Papo fa bellissime statue in PVC ma dovrebbe fare anche le basi a tema .

Author — Dinorec


i want that gorgo cause i love the design of walking with dinosaur gorgo although that was blue one but it still bears a striking resemblance to that movie

Author — Vladeous J


I really want the gorgosaurus, carnotaurus, spinosaurus, and triceratops

Author — Thomie