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Order Block Tutorial - Follow on from the FTX Trading Training Course.

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Cheers guys, man can't beleive your subscriber count is not higher, quality learning here

Author — Thommo's channel


thanks guys - ive done the course and continue to embed the info - nice short and sharp - now i get it :)

Author — ThePlantPoweredZulu


that just clear alot of things up cheers

Author — Fluuke


Great explanation, short, simple, easy! Thanks!

Author — Carlos Callaú


Great video. Kept it simple and to the point and I completely understand now

Author — yamuson08


Do you consider the wick of the candle when mapping out order blocks ?



Great video as always but reading and mastering the charts is no easy job for a beginner, if you can't handle it. I highly recommend you hire a qualified personnel who can decipher it and assist you.

Author — Adam Muller


Simplest explanation on youtube. You helped me a lot thank you

Author — Miloš Dmitrović


the FIRST and ORIGINAL creator of the smart money Knowledge was Michael J. Huddleston, from the ICT academy. he has 15 years only in forex, plus other 7 years in other markets.

Author — anonimot anonimo


Is this a reason for lower highs... edit pretty soured it is just wanted some more context

Author — *********