The World's Deadliest Tornadoes | Mega Disaster | Spark

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The World's Deadliest Tornadoes | Mega Disaster | Spark 4.5

Tornados are unpredictable, volatile and lethal. They leave behind obliterated towns and bewildered scientists. Each one is unique, most are dangerous and a few are deadly.

The Earth’s titanic forces can rip apart the land, homes and people’s lives. This series exposes their killer characteristics and why they can be so devastating.

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If the tornado looks like it’s standing still, it’s coming directly at you.
That’s an old Tornadian Alley Proverb.

Author — Aldo the Apache


If i was to build a home in the plains states i would build like a hobbit. All you would see of my house is a mailbox

Author — marcboss6


I wonder what people thought when they first ever discovered a tornado

Author — KirsaKaboom -


a town of 600, and the sheriff has 65 people in his jail??? There's some southern justice for ya!

Author — wally man


He keeps saying the tornado rips the roof off, yet you can clearly see the whole house go flying off the ground. It bothers me.

Author — Ana Maria


"Kilometers per hour"

And I'm lost.

Author — Mark Brown


"And killed their dog, Sugar"

that's enough depression for this fine 3am morning

Author — SYNc


Of course I'm always thinking of people first, but can you imagine what those cows went through? They are in a large group as a loud roar can be heard...the sunlight slowly dims....and Bam! They're smashed into each other and thrown all over the place....also getting pelted by debris like rocks all the way up to full sized vehicles. Must have been terrifying for those animals.... assuming they know fear and can recognize a tornado

Author — conspiracies are just great stories


To everyone commenting about joplin or el reno, this was made before that. The upload date means nothing you can tell by the production it was made in the 2000s or early 2010s

Author — Chris Lawrence


Camcorder. Now that’s a word you don’t hear anymore.

Author — H.W.


It’s a scary fact that the Moor in Oklahoma got hit twice in 14 years by an EF5 tornado

Author — MoritzZ


"It's not THAT the wind blows, it's WHAT the wind blows" - Ron White

Author — Jill Udart


" a small hurricane "

*shows huge hurricane*

Author — luca bear


11 min many more times will i see the same roof fly off?

Author — fastjunkie


5:25 "An F2 tornado . . . right up here on this hill. . ." *indicates a flat expanse stretching for miles*

Author — Old Aunt Zibby


Why do i like watching tornadoes? XD 🌪⛈⚡

Author — Dead.


Imagine the first people to see a tornado

Author — Bruv Moment


Being from Oklahoma, we've had some of the worst tornadoes ever.

Author — Peep vids


We need to build our homes to handle ef5 tornadoes. I've been saying this for 20 years. The technology is there. However most cities zone them as nonconforming structures therefore illegal. Unfortunately there's lots of money made when rebuilding after disaster. I believe this keeps us behind the 8 ball for preparation

Author — Stephen Levine


I watched this the day after Dallas got hit with ef3.

Author — Eric Witcher