Piotr Restek Restecki -Sunrise

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

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This guy's not from this planet !! Piotr, HIS MIND IS BRILLIANT. Thank you very much for having composed these songs, because I know they will serve as inspiration for many people. I remember that about one year ago you launched Candyrat music new song, excellent composition.I hope you continue working with this style. And please, i would like to ask you a tutorial / TAB music that I like, SUNRISE. God bless !

Author — Lino Canônico


I so enjoy the brightness of his sound, his fearless volume and his willingness to let his passion soar.

Author — warriordrum


Fajnie, że rozwijasz swój wyjątkowy talent....

Author — Zbigniew Dubiella


This melody instantly gives me smile..thx mr piotr.

Author — Kenny H.I.P.P


I always come back to listen to this beautiful song, and every time I'm still shocked at how good it is! Is there a tab for sale for this piece?

Author — Bodomguitarshredder


uzależniłam się od tego utworu, bardzo przyjemnie się słucha :)
Pozdrawiam serdecznie :)

Author — Gabi Kiszka


Gratuluję Piotrze :) super całość i pozdrawiam serdecznie :)

Author — Joanna Suska -Brzozowska


to jest epickie! Byłem kiedyś na koncercie we Free Blues Clubie w Szczecinie jak grałeś cover Pink Floyd'ów. Była by możliwość usłyszeć go jeszcze raz?!

Author — Maciej Niegolewski


Grandee! Veramente piacevole da ascoltare! ;)

Author — Nicoletta Spadafina


Its so beautiful this piece could you please send me a tab as well
im such a big fan of yours!!

Author — Lee


hi, i really love your song so much and want to learn it.... how can i buy your tab!

Author — FengTse Hsieh


Super, ciekawe jakby wyglądały do tego taby, pewnie nie do odczytania :p

Author — kuba


Could you please write tab for this piece? It's beautiful!

Author — Claudio Costalbano Fingerstyle


This guy would make a thousand dollars a day busking in nyc.

Author — WildVideoNYC


Mr.piotr Restecki I am a Japanese amateur guitar list.
Your music is wonderful. be moved.
You are my goal.
How do I get TAB?
[sunrise] [beijing] [When It Ceases To Rain ']

Author — 坂本哲哉


piekne granie i piekne brzmienie... co to za gitara?

Author — tudrujphoto