OSKR “Lie” Reaction | Finland Eurovision 2021 (UMK)

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Reacting to OSKR's UMK 2021 song “Lie”. Do you think this should win Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu and sing at Eurovision in Rotterdam?


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Definitely my favourite. Its very authentic, has musicality and isn't another throw away europop song. It has emotion and it has atmosphere. With the right staging, this could be incredible.

Author — Amaan Storm


So Aksel was emotional and catchy and this is boring?!

Welp, each to their own lol

Author — Matthew Richardson


I love his voice and everything about this song, but at some points i agree with you.

Author — Enna Kesti


then there's me who immediately added it to my spotify faves after the first listen 😅

Author — Heylin's World


Reminds of michael schulte, love it! Hoping staging will lift it

Author — Harry davis


How many times can the train pass in each Debon's video? Jajaja

Author — Paula Villa


To me this song feels a bit wordy? It's like he's reading a book and added a melody. I don't know how to describe it, it just sounds a little odd to me

Author — Stian Aunet


It reminds me of Aksels song, but I prefer Hurt over this.

Author — Nairda Ollijurt


React to Festival da Canção, we are waiting 🇵🇹

Author — Rafael Mendes


You guys say you're on tumblr but I don't think that thing has been updated in like 2 years

Author — Elizabeth Ingermann


Pain is a part of life you cannot dance through your life.

Author — Chia Sanzes


Could have been a UK entry 3 years ago

Author — Nora Pelamo


i think i agree with Deban, this is just not my cup of tea. it's good but this type of music is just dull and has been done alot. I did like 'you let me walk alone' however it's more relatiable.

Author — Naruto Uzumaki


Voiks joku sanoa tolle ettei se oo mikää uuden mjyysikin kilpailu😐

Author — emppelziinimies