Biz owner refuses to do business with Trump supporters

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Biz owner refuses to do business with Trump supporters 4.5

The CEO 1st In SEO openly says he will not do business with anyone who voted for Donald Trump, registered Republicans or anything that supports the GOP. CEO Mathew Blanchfield faces off with Tucker in a spirited debate #Tucker

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So it's OK for this guy to not allow a trump voter to do business at his store, but it's not OK for a Christian baker to say he refuses to bake a cake for a gay wedding? Wow, talk about hypocrisy of the highest order.

Author — enginekid88


He claims that Trump is a fascist, but he's practicing fascism and he's the starting to practice Jim Crowe laws

Author — jonsampearson


Basically “people who don’t agree with me are ignorant”, says the guy who excludes people from doing business in his company based on their political beliefs while lecturing us all about morality. Fkn brilliant!! 😂😂😂

Author — todd allen durkin


Perfect example of a Commie who infiltrated the Capitalist System !

Author — Dr . A . Rosenberg


The left believes in free speech as long as they're the only one Speaking

Author — Roger Lindsey


I sleep better at night knowing this guy lost his job.

Author — talkisreallycheap


He basically destroyed the company and he was forced out of his job because of his arrogance. What an idiot.

Author — SouthernGent


The Freudian slip
" the election that was rigged against him"

Author — Rick Wells


I wish Tucker has a program, “where are they now?” I really want to know how his business is doing

Author — Meme Cakes


Wouldn't do business with a jerk like him anyway

Author — Charles Dudek


Doesn’t Know what bigoted means
Doesn’t know what intolerant means
Doesn’t know what fascist means
But thinks we are all stupid....

Author — Henry Perez


A moron. It's amazing he runs a company. The CEO can't even follow his own argument.

Author — Mepluribusunum


Emotions never do well in debates. Tucker out deebated this guy in every aspect.

Author — John Patrick


"There was a time when people actually could vote for a candidate of their choice and go about their business."

Author — Rose Garza


This interview is his first step alright, first step towards bankruptcy.

Author — xaj154


You don’t need anyone to burn your business Down. Your doing it yourself.

Author — Mark Espinoza


He caught himself

What he was going to say was:
“He set the precedent that if you resisted him he will exclude you”

Lol 😆

Author — Esteban Molina


10 minutes in the lime light. What a nutjob!

Author — moutonla


This guy's got a lot of nerve to talk like that he needs a look at themselves not a pretty picture racist don't want to do business in your company your company sucks

Author — Steve Lujan


"I'm not tolerant of bigotry." Bigotry: the act of being intolerant. This guy has been outsmarted by his own mindless outrage.

Author — Eddy Boner