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In The Sahara Desert: Land of Fear | Full Documentary | TRACKS 5

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The Sahara is the biggest desert on earth. It takes its name from the Arab word for "emptiness". In the dead heart of that emptiness there's a place called the Tenere. The Tenere takes its name from the Tuareg word for "nothing". A nothing the size of France in the middle of an emptiness the size of the United States. It's no wonder the locals call this place "The Land Of Fear”. David Adams retraces the trade routes of the people who call this stove-hot corner of the planet home.

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From Niger: The Land of Fear

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The vendor had the look of, what are you doing with my salt!? I hope you are going to buy that?!

Author — Felton Gailey


When he said 'we are at the dawn of new millennia' I realised it must be shot atleast at 1999.

Author — Vinoth Krishnamurthy


The best documentary I have ever seen on human lives, region so isolated and harsh. We need to learn to adapt difficult situation and being patient in our daily lives.

Author — mayukh mukherjee


Really motivating video. He is a dare devil. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Author — Ramachandran Narayanakurup


Super video.. Fantastic documentary... I love the way this man intermingled with the locals... Appreciate

Author — jamshed khan


Fascinating....! Absolutely fascinating.

Author — Justus Potgieter


Amazing documentary. I hope he paid the salt vendor. :-)

Author — Davis Urdaneta


It's extremely hot, even bacterias struggle to survive

Author — Sammy Fred's


Great video. Great insight good to see old ways preserved an still practiced. Great scenery well put together video credit to you.

Author — Walks walker


This documentary was shot in 1999. How perfectly was it shot, even though it’s over 20 years old!

Author — Shivam Khattar


One of the best documentary thank you.

Author — Nasri Abdi


Only a westerner would do such an insane idea. Love it when the Tuareg guides were high fiving to the insanity of this guy. 👍🌍😂🤣🤣

Author — Myrna Leon


I love you David Adams! Thank you for taking me on these awesome sightseeing tours! I've always wanted to explore this planet and you have helped me to make it happen. Thank you ♥️

Author — Joann Wright Jarvis


This is an absolutely amazing documentary. The Tuaregs seems to a very interesting tribe. I would love to know more about their history.

Author — Lavinia Jane Hollis


Very intresting. I hope theyre still living this way in spring of 2020.

Author — Cris Brackett


Absolutely magnificent. I wish i had been with you on the trek. The experience would have life changing. Makes the Simpson desert look tame.

Author — The Obvious Troll


Feeling as if I was traveling with them while watching... Superb experience! One of the best documentaries.

Author — Vinod K Babu


Picks up the old guys salt....

Old guys like, drop the
Salt or I slap you silly
With my

Author — John Wells


A solar charged vehicle would be just perfect for these adventures.

Author — F. J.


3 minutes in and this dude is just grabbing fistfuls of someone's salt 😂

Author — Attention