Character Rigging in Toonboom - [Part 8] Head Ears Hair

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Few busy weeks later...

If you have any questions, just drop them in the comment section ;)

00:00 intro
00:05 jaw
02:26 ears
03:55 bang
06:38 hair F and B
12:37 sideburns
13:52 cloning
15:35 eye pivots
16:32 adjusting bang

►Software used in this video: Toonboom Harmony 17, Photoshop

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I was worried you had abandoned the series. Thank you for uploading!

Author — Aqeel Ahmed


finally! :) looking forward for more! i need a little motivation to finish my rig T_T haha

Author — Maginpanic


17:47 Hey, I'm new to Harmony, and I'm just wondering if you could explain how this works and why the nodes are placed and connected how they are.. Thank you, these vids have been very useful!

Author — Qwil


Thank you so much for creating these videos. You have no idea how much you have helped. Wish you the best luck with your career!

Author — YL K


Thank you, I really looked forward to this video !!!

Author — Михаил Филиппов


Thank you so much for creating these videos its so helpful

Author — Yousef Al Mhimid


Hi Piotr! Thanks a lot for the video. So i have a small question, it may seem a bit novice.
Why did you put an auto patch on the neck? Where will it apply?
I thought the head and all its features will are in front of the neck, so it would be covering the neck hence; no need of the auto patch.
So why are we adding an auto patch on the neck?

Author — Masa Andrew


thank you so much for sharing this sir

Author — Yoga adi


Can you give me the sketch of every angle of this character so that i can follow you step by step. with also the mouths in every angle

Author — michael florendo