Leo Schofield describes his search for missing wife Michelle: 20/20 Preview

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Schofield said he “was terrified” in the hours after his wife disappeared after working her shift at a local Lakeland, Florida, restaurant.

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Seems like whenever there is a truly guilty husband, the guy does NOT try very hard to find her. He'll just make obligatory public appearances on the news, etc., but he does so reluctantly. But this guy seems to have done the opposite, he is actively trying to find her on his own, taking matters into his own hands, like a real innocent husband would do. Just my opinion.

Author — Laura Ellen


“Remember, if you don’t sin, then Jesus died for nothing.” ~ Ricky Gervais.

Author — RC Butera


If she clocked off at 8pm, what was she doing until 9:45? I’m not understanding this time line. If they’re saying he did it, when did he do it? When he was with his dad? That’s when they’re saying he did it? This is confusing.

Author — Cole World


Some of the things Leo says are just making me not believe him. And the discrepancy in the 911 call is pretty glaring for anyone who picked up on it.

Author — gutenbird


"Premonition" my a**!!
No one walks straight to a crime scene, unless they know exactly where she would be!

Author — T Marie


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She clocked out at 8, but calls him at 9:45 from a phone right next to the restaurant she clocked out of. What was she doing for an hour and 45 minutes? She didn't go home?

Author — Maria Maria


Fingerprints is pretty hard evidence. I don't understand how that's even debatable. Obviously the fingerprints that match to someone she clearly didn't know would point to the real killer. I'm guessing supposed witnesses in a trailer park could easily be paid to lie. And sometimes people just want to be part of something, if they thought he was guilty they may have jumped at an opportunity to be part of the case whether they saw something or not. If they don't want to give up perhaps they could look for the murder weapon with a metal detector with the possibility it's still there. The killer confessed to where he tossed it...

Author — LL Hannah


How does a husband wait an hour and a half b4 worrying about not being picked up by his wife??? After 15 mins, I'm calling or txtg, " is there traffic?", ""are you on the way yet?"

Author — Melissa A.


She clocked out at 8pm so I would say she had to clean up then re stock for the next person then count her tips. I was a waitress so that's why I say that

Author — Breanna Oswalt


The time is the biggest discrepancy here. She clocked out at 8:00pm they were to meet at 8:30pm even though it should have taken her 15 minutes to get to the meeting point. 8:30pm is fair enough to give extra time incase of delays. Yet still it wasnt until 9:45pm until she first called her husband. And the conversation wasnt about where have you been since 8pm, instead she ask can i get you something to eat. This must be a joke. He calls his dad instead of his wifes family? Was he suppose to know where she was? The logical thing would be to call her family first. His dad then tells him wait a little more even though he said he knew something was wrong because if she said shes coming, she would show up, yet your dad tells you to wait a little longer. Non of this makes sensé. He calls the police and this terrified husband sounds not one bit concerned for his wife instead blâmes her for not showing up to his friend while on hold with 911. At 12:43am is when he was finished covering his tracks with his dads help. Dah! This guy has literally spent his time concocting stupid lies, the story makes absolutely no sense and that's why he's not walking free amongst us.

Author — Dainelle Speaks Tv


Look up Within Heaven's Gates by Rebecca Springer 😇

Author — J C


How do I find out the rest of the story

Author — Sheila Arp


I dont know now...I think he might actually be innocent. It doesnt make sense.

Author — Sherri Hannah


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