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"I want to do a DDLJ, but this is what I'm offered" - Fahadh Faasil & Mahesh Narayanan speak to Anupama Chopra about making Malik, how they created the near 14-minute opening shot and the thought behind Fahadh's post on Facebook.

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Edited by: Rahul Krishnan
Producer: Sneha Menon Desai

00:00 - Fahadh Faasil & Mahesh Narayanan speak to Anupama Chopra.
00:57 - Mahesh on writing the story of Malik.
04:40 - Fahadh on preparing for the character Suleiman in Malik.
08:01 - Fahadh on working on a scene from the film.
09:30 - Mahesh on finding locations and executing the shoot.
13:48 - Fahadh on the narration.
15:12 - Mahesh on religion and characters in the film.
18:00 - Mahesh on different elements in the film.
20:09 - Mahesh on Costa Gavras.
21:18 - Fahadh on Mahesh' multitasking.
22:31 - Mahesh on inspiration from directors.
23:17 - Fahadh on doing a Dilwale film.
24:16 - Fahadh on proposing Nazriya and OTT release.

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💬 Comments

The fact that the director speaks more than the "star" actor shows why Malayalam cinema is regaining the status as the best film industry in India.

Author — Indus Anon


Flim companion is now Fahad's new home.. 😊

Author — SaktiReviewEverything


ഇന്ന് ഇന്ത്യയിലെ ഏറ്റവും വലിയ നിരൂപകർ മലയാളത്തിൽ ഇറങ്ങുന്ന ഓരോ സിനിമയും താല്പര്യത്തോടെ കാത്തു നിൽക്കുന്നു ഇറങ്ങിയ അന്ന് തന്നെ റിവ്യൂ ചെയ്യുന്നു കൊച്ചി ബെൽറ്റ്‌ എന്ന് അസൂയക്കാർ കളിയാക്കുന്ന ഫഹദ് ദിലീഷ് പോത്തൻ അടക്കുമുള്ള ന്യൂ ജെൻ ടീമിന് ഈ മുന്നേറ്റത്തിൽ വലിയ പങ്കുണ്ട്

Author — Noufal Allen


'i want to do ddlj'
Out of all the things Fahadh said FC chose to highlight this in thumbnail...shows still how much FC has to travel to leave its Bollywood masala behind..

Author — eärendil_ _


Malik is a masterpiece
Background music melt my heart
From all cinema lover big thankyou
To malayalam cinema 🙏

Author — ankush paikrao


I feel this effort of obsession of Bollywood with Fahad is corrupting him to say things like DDLJ cliche! He is super just as is. Bollywood is so passe!

Author — sweety sidhu


one of the best film industry in india ...Malayalam film industry
powerfull content 🔥

Author — Anto


Malik is a masterpiece! It reminds us of movies like Nayakan/Guru to name a few. It is larger than life, and releasing it on OTT did not impact that aspect, and this is probably that one movie which made an impact unlike many other so called big releases. Fahadh is fabulous as always, the narrative is mind-blowing, and this one is a director's piece completely. Commercial, fine performances, great storytelling, all rolled into one ❤️ kudos!
And happy birthday Fahadh! #fafa

Author — Tamasa Mohanty


Fahad should do a romantic movie. Whenever he showed love, it was very intense even it's a small sequence from Bangalore days with Nithya menen and from this movie it self, it was heavenly. Please someone give him a romantic role, Mani Ratnam sir, Gautam vasudev Menon. 😀 I'm so serious 🌹

Author — Divya Anto


Fahad is such a gem. I am so grateful to OTT platforms just for the fact that I could discover him and his movies there. I am thankful that Malik is releasing on OTT. I have loved the trailers and the song Theerame ❤️

Author — Maliha Ahmad


Fahadh is the greatest product which covid has given us :3

Author — Tazbeer Masnoon


My favourite move of this year! Wish I knew Malayalam so could just absorb the scenes and Fahadh’s acting rather than just trying to stay in line with the subtitles!! But thank God for subtitles have thoroughly enjoyed so many great movies from Malayalam and Telugu cinema!

Author — Manish Boricha


If malayalam Industry got the international market of Bollywood & other industries i cant imagine its Range worldwide ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥



"This film is gonna be the same regardless of where it is released", this power of quality content 🔥💯

Author — Vaisnav Ramesh


"I tried to be normal once . Worst two minutes of my life "

Author — Plein de vie


Those who are enjoying Malayalam movies lately, this is how we always made our movies. Known for its content and simple story telling. Thanks to OTT its now reaching to a wider audience and getting its due credit.

Many of the Hindi hits are remade from Malayalam. There is hardly any national awards without a mention of Malayalam.

Author — Manoj Philip


I am loving all the attention FaFa is getting from Film companion... Interview par interview ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author — Khushboo's Channel


All things aside, such brilliant creations can never be made in Tamil.

Trance would never get beyond the court room. There’ll be 2000 cases on the people involved.

A movie like Malik, the director who is Hindu would be targeted by both Muslim and Christian groups.

Tamil cinema has to play on a safe field, and it’s sad.
Sad that a brilliant industry like Malayalam is forced to operate with a smaller budget because of linguistic limitations while Hindi turns out shit after shit every Friday for ten times the budget.

Author — Don Quixote Jr.


Thanks to OTT, getting to watch some awesome Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu movies. Fahadh Faasil is simply amazing in Malik. Great direction, great acting,

Author — suchitra rathore


Years back when traffic and chaapa kurish released malayalees said this is what we need... Look now whole country saying we got your back go on...still iam saying however film becomes commercialised please dont compromise on quality of content.. This is the right path

Author — abhirag abhi