'Jexodus' encourages Jewish people to leave the Dem Party

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'Jexodus' encourages Jewish people to leave the Dem Party 5

Jewish millennials launch liberation movement from the Democratic Party after the Rep. Ilhan Omar controversy.

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Jewish guy here from New York never voting for dems again not in the statewide races and not in the national

Author — Sol Horn


The Democratic Party is an anti-american party. Ray Charles can see it!!!

Author — Alvin Smith


Let's walk away fr the Democratic party. They are
anti God..

Author — Constance Mitchell


I too have walked away from the Democrats, ive had it with them.

Author — Garry West


Don't walk away from the democratic party... RUN!!

Author — Chris C


I don't see why A N Y person would vote for the democrats period--They are now INSANE ****

Author — smitty jones


The Democrat politicians have betrayed us. We should all walk away from them

Author — stars1836


why would any jewish person support the democratic party.

Author — james brock


After 61 years, I’m done with Democrats. I cannot stand for racism and anti-Semitism. The Democrats have become the party of fascism and racism. They have always been the party of racism but I thought that changed a long time ago. I guess it either never changed, or they’re back to their old ways of full-on racism and fascism.

Author — Wayne Berman


The Democratic Party is no longer American!

Author — Joyce See


Yes ma’am I walked away from the Democrats

Author — Teresa Kelley


I work with a couple of young Jewish guys and they are both enthusiastic Trump supporters.

Author — Hrundi Bakshi


ALL Jewish voters as well as ALL Christian voters, after addressing their Godly conscious, can only vote Republican in upcoming elections.

Author — Jimbo San


ISRAEL FOREVER. I'm with Jexodus. Thank you, Elizabeth.

Author — movenglish


Don't single out the Jewish people, they are not the only ones who see through the B.S.

Author — r u RedE?


The questions about Omars marriage, her fraudulent tax forms, and her father's links to war crimes need to be answered.

Author — yaimavol


I'm not Jewish but I am so disgusted with the dems for not supporting Israel who has been our ally. I'm excited to see this movement!

Author — yo Clark


Anybody and everybody should leave the Democratic Party. Trump should win literally every 50 states 😂 I dream of a Reagan v Mondale type of landslide in 2020

Author — Cody Miller


Thank You Elizabeth for being a smart Millennial and using your brain to see the truth of what is going on with the Democrat Party!

Author — Marco Joli


The democrats will not divide the friendship between the US & Israel.

Author — jtonythejett1