Mark Esper Reveals 'Ridiculous' Trump Administration Plans In Upcoming Memoir

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

In an upcoming tell-all book, former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper details what he claims was a secret Trump administration plan to launch missiles into Mexico to destroy “drug labs.” NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard has more on the series of accusations made by Esper about the former president and senior advisor Stephen Miller.

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💬 Comments

My mom taught me never trust a defense company stooge.

Author — kuru K


It's always suspect when information like this doesn't come out until somebody writes a book.

Author — Nicky Krystals


We do live in a satire, I mean what's more perfect than every stooge jumping ship and selling their secrets on the flip? Over and over "hey look at how state-altering the ramifications of this are, or would have been. Yea, I don't really care either, buy the book"

Author — snarfalarkus


Thank God we have some men of honor.
God bless the USA 🇺🇸

Author — Pedro Zaragoza


what's wrong with blowing up cartel drug labs ???

Author — BackWoodsMiMy


"I have crazy bombshell information that will totally change the way politics works, but you have to buy my book to get it." - Every grifter ever

Author — Mr. S


I will take 'ridiculous' over 'completely disastrous' any day.

Author — randall goldapp


Why not? Sounds good to me...Clearly others want the drugs to keep on keeping on.

Author — Zara Gardner


Did you guys really bury the Weinstein thing...
And Epstein?

Author — Thomas Deininger


Wow this is a lot of sensational information all in one big dump. Kind of hard to believe. Almost as if it’s made up.

Author — Cory Shook


Publishing a book is the only way to get information from republican it is all about (publications)

Author — Fareed Ezzedeen


The only thing he revealed is that he's spineless and trying to sell a book.

Author — Samuel Owings


all this proves was all the backstabbing and undermining from democrates and his own party for their own personal gains

Author — D Man


What about Biden s ridiculous administration ?

Author — Robert Moir


Great idea about the border!
He should have done it.
Hopefully he will get a second chance to do it in 2025.

Both other ideas were great as well.

Author — David Schalit


50k views, 395 likes... this is why youtube changed the dislike button. 👊💥

Author — no1wrench


Who's Mike Esper? And how does this affect the political implications?

Author — Martin Kurek


OH MY!!!-EXPLOSIVE REVELATIONS a disgruntled former employee.

Author — Tim Chaney


Excellant idea! Mexico been asking for it.

Author — crazy person comments


Imagine not being upfront and saving this info so you can cash out a book

Typical politician hungry from money or corporate donation

Author — Slowbro