Karl Rove pokes fun at Biden's ongoing virtual gaffes

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Karl Rove pokes fun at Biden's ongoing virtual gaffes 4.5

Karl Rove discusses how coronavirus has upended the 2020 campaign particularly Joe Biden's inability to connect with America and following Pelosi's lead on the relief bill. #FoxNews

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“Hi I’m Joe Biden and I’m running for...you know....that thing”

Author — Curtis C


For the thousandth time... they're not _gaffs, _ they're outward signs of rapidly accelerating dementia.

Author — monkeygraborange


Honest to God, I'm more terrified of a Joe Biden presidency than I am of a Wuhan virus.

Author — Sheri Carter


“We will beat this ebola outbreak! Im Joe Obiden and I approve the thing.”

Author — Boof


Joe Biden has Dementia. I know because I took care of my Mother for 4 years who had Dementia . It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a Doctor to see this in Biden.

Author — Buddy Floyd


"Hes got an adversarial relationship with a teleprompter" LOLOL.

Author — Ludwig Van


Listening to Biden is like watching an episode of Mr. Magoo!!

Author — Kent Wrisley


"My name is Joe Biden, and I'm running thing."
-Joe "gaffe-God" Biden, 2020

Author — br 1251


Biden was just credibly accused of assaulting a female staffer in 1993. Almost no mention of this in the media, yet when Kavanaugh was accused by someone from very long ago the media leaped at the opportunity.

Author — Spurious Notion


Joe Biden is a big fan of the 70's rock group The 5th Dimentia.

Author — Roding Entandem


I’m Joe Biden, and did I just give a message? Come on man. Where’s the teleporter, uhh teletype, you know the thing! What times dinner? Can I still get the early bird meatloaf? I love that green jello with the little marshmallows. That’s some good stuff pal. Who’s that blonde.? My wife?? I’m married!!??

Author — B Laws


Biden talking about kids stroking the hair on his legs and then jumping on his lap will not play well for him. It will be fun watching him lose his cool when questioned.

Author — clankster0000


*Joe Biden has been in politics for 50 years . Name one good thing he has done for America .*

Author — Steele Ingham


Say what ever you want to, this man is in no condition to be president

Author — Jaime Uh


Biden: "I'd like to thank the voters of New Hampshire."
The problem is that Biden was in Nevada.

Author — Windbag Jones


"C'mon, man! China is not our enemy. They just gave a hedge fund that my son, Hunter, sits on the board of 1.5 billion dollars!"

Author — Otis Cat


"I'm Joe Biden... and I approve this virus!"

Author — GRIM


Just goes to show, the Democratic elite only want a President in name, their donors will run the country as with Obama.

Author — Karen Grace


Biden is suffering with dementia. He is pitiful. Does ANYONE REALLY see Biden as President? Change my mind.

Author — Zero Connie


Sleepy joe needs a dirt nap. Time to get in the forever box.

Author — The GreyJedi2112