Last words heard before Kobe Bryant helicopter crash | USA TODAY

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Last words heard before Kobe Bryant helicopter crash | USA TODAY 4.5
Audio and radar catches the final moments before the helicopter crashed killing Kobe Bryant, his daughter and 7 others.

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Not worth your life to fly in that kind of weather. This should of never happened. R.I.P to all 9

Author — Bryan


This accident like many others was 100% preventable period

Author — Brutus All Knowing


When it is a soul's time to go, there is nothing in the universe that can change that. You can point out and play out all of the "What if" scenarios that you want. People need to stop looking for answers. Stop playing the "what if" will only drive you crazy. I spent 10 years doing this when I lost my own father in an accident when I was just 19. I0 years were wasted in the search for futile reasons and explanations. It makes even less sense to blame others. It is pointless and meaningless. And going down that road will NOT alleviate whatever you are feeling. If anything, it will make it worse.

Tragedies never make any sense. It's hopeless and even useless to try. The mind cannot comprehend them. Life is about the ebbs and flows, the comedies and tragedies, of Life. Perhaps Shakespeare said it best:

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts.

Let us appreciate those who have gone, but perhaps even more importantly, let us appreciate those who are here with us! Never miss an opportunity to let someone know how much they mean to you. God bless!

Author — kobeno1


In all due respect, I will NEVER understand how anyone would want to fly when there's bad weather, especially fog, unless there's no choice which is never the case really.

Just take a car and be a lot safer if you have to be somewhere in bad weather, they would still be alive today.

Author — Tor Guy


This is called SPATIAL DISORIENTATION, where a pilot loses sense of direction in relation to the horizon and does not know if aircraft is flying up, down, turning etc. In dense fog, there is no horizon and pilot fights with gauges and to control the aircraft. Note the helicopter was in a steep descent before hitting the terrain: he had no idea he was descending, even if attitude indicator was telling he was. You can google "spatial disorientation" for more info. Pilot here!

Author — jaja jaja


They should have canceled or delayed the game. The pilot took a risk and for what!

Author — Sam


Takes a LOT to be an air traffic controller.

Author — wesley rodgers


When i saw that Green Helicopter logo disappear i was devastated...

Author — LetsTalkAbout Trends


He wasn’t replying to the tower while falling

Author — arturo bustos


Absolutely never should have been flying in dense fog. What was that pilot thinking

Author — FightsatJim’splace


makes you wonder if they even had time to react inside the helicopter, if they got a chance to hold each other

Author — Jeickos


Never never should have lifted off in that poor visibility. So unbelievably sad. RIP Kobe. 😢👎

Author — Greg Tastad


all the comments saying “it was preventable” or “he shouldn’t have been flying” what’s done is done and he probably underestimated how bad it was gonna be.

Author — Miranda Gaviria


It’s scary to just see it disappear if the radar

Author — Rattlesnake {hollow}


Big life lesson here is to never ever fly in dense fog conditions to where you cant see the ground or to your sides. It’s not worth your life and the pain to the people you leave behind.

Author — Takiboy233


So, if visibility was that bad, why were they allowed to fly at all?

Author — CHIGGS 58TH


Wished they wouldn’t have let them fly in those conditions 😞

Author — Tim Smith


Three young girls died in crash, so sweet so innocent

Author — Janyce Boschman


Who else is crying rn listening to this, the last time these people spoke, RIP to everyone on board. I made a compilation vid with all the celeb reactions to the news.

Author — monkey220ms


Wow, when it disappeared from radar. Powerful image.

Author — Ari 8