NATO AWACS Investigates Baltic Skies

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NATO AWACS Investigates Baltic Skies 5

Petty Officer Josh Keim takes you aboard a NATO AWACS during an on-going mission over the NATO Baltic countries.

The multinational NATO E-3A Component at Geilenkirchen, Germany, operating 17 Boeing NATO E-3A AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) aircraft. Seventeen nations (Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States) participate
in the NAEW&C Force program, with 15 of them providing personnel to the NATO E-3A Component (the UK
flies its own E-3 system and Luxembourg does not provide personnel). The E-3As have been operating from the Main Operating Base (MOB) at Geilenkirchen since February 1982.

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thank you for explaining how it works, everything was very interesting. Best Regards,

Author — Rnd R


Great video, always wanted to see how does this plane look inside.

Author — WhyCry


What is it called again? (Gets out spirit fingers) “The mission compartment!”

Author — Jonathan


well done, now we know how this thing with a round big plate on the top flying over Poland looks inside, Thanks

Author — My kura