How To Shave Your Beard At Home For A More Defined Face

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This is very useful. funny enough the only reason I'm growing a beard is so I actually look like someone that is 22 years old

Author — Roct


Your beard is fairly patchy but your confidence is off the charts. I think thats what matters most fellas. Just be confident.

Author — JASON B


0:22 - Brush your beard
1:45 - Draw your line
2:34 - Draw lip line
2:55 - Draw third line
3:14 - Draw your neck line
4:01 - Fading your beard
4:51 - Jaw lines

if u relapse u r a pu-

Author — Levi Ackerman


Really helpful information, thanks jose 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author — amlan rakshit


0:21 1. Brush your beard.
1:45 2. Draw your line.
2:34 3. Draw lip line.
2:55 4. Draw third line.
3:13 5. Draw neck line.
4:01 6. Fading your beard.
4:51 7. "Jaw lines".

Author — Atul Singh


*"If there is no struggle, there is no progress." - Frederick Douglass*

Author — Ahmet Kaan


The way Jose's expressions get cringed up as he goes into detail about giga-chad 😂

Author — Ayush Luther


Quick and efficient I love your videos

Author — Alias Amelin


i rocked a disconnected goatee for about 3 years cuz my beard hadn't fully grown, but now all the follicles are there, i'm gonna try grow a full beard for the first time

Author — greatslumber


Bro the "Jaw Line" really does make a huge difference 😂 I naturally have one

Author — Leushen Naicker


I’m 18, and shaved under my chin because it was a little to much hair for me, so I cut from the neck to my chin and kinda looks weird from certain places

Author — Captain cuddlzzz


I literally got that giga chad beard lines that you're talking about naturally, another good example is Keanu Reeves' beard too

Author — ٴ


I literally have a baby face and look like I'm fifteen. I'm hoping the kit will make me grow.

Author — beswa dominguez


great video, would love if you could grow your beard and show us step-by-step on yourself how you are doing it, so we can see it a bit better

Author — Rith27


I legit shot a video today regarding Beard grooming at home, now people will say I follow Jose . Btw thanks for the video big homie 💯

Author — YarBilalNakr


Your videos are helpful and men now and days need help. A tad of advice, you dont have to yell in your videos lol and be so hype. Speaking with a calm relaxed tone will be great. Don’t be so animated like all this YouTubers.

Author — aly be


Hey does the beard oil or any product ship to Canada because I can’t get it to work any suggestions?

Author — Youngboy h


Great tips! And speaking of beard - if you’re a dude (and you’re able to grow a beard - Lol), and you want to start attracting women to no end - grow a heavy stubble.

If you’re used to shaving your beard every day, just let it grow for 10 days, and see what happens.

I bet you’ll start getting some compliments, because women see this as a sign of maturity, masculinity, and not to mention - dominance.

And you know how women feel about dominant men!

Anyway, that’s my two cents.
-Carlos Verde - Dating Tips

Author — Carlos Verde - Dating Tips


I naturally have “jaw lines” and many people thinks that I trim my beard trying to look like giga chad hahahaha

Author — Jorge Miguel Vargas Ramirez


Could you drop what type of trimmer u use and would suggest?

Author — Srana 1109