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Krik of Black Owl Outdoors takes a look at the barefoot boot offering from Lems Shoes, the Boulder Boot. Coming in 5 different colorways, the Boulder Boot is just about everything a barefoot boot should be; light, flexible, extremely comfortable and not to mention, great looking!


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very nice - never heard of them before but they seem great!

Author — Doug Linker


Belleville boots has a line of progressively more minimalist military boots, which can be ordered extra wide. I wear them every day, whether working or hiking, I love them.

Author — Alex Petz


I love my lems. same style boulder boot, just different color. I wear trail runners while hiking. I bought the lems as a casual winter boot. they really are comfortable, and crazy light weight. when this pair is done I'll definitely be picking up another pair.

Author — Louie C.


I have these shoes. Due to my feet being flat I have had numerous ankle problems, breaking and spraining constantly due to sports because they were forced into those horrible generic shoes. I finally bought a bare of minimalist shoes, although aesthetically unpleasing, they not only made the problem vanish but my feet barely ever hurt at the end of the day. Lems are the only brand I go with after years of being on the hunt, they are ventilated properly, dry extremely fast, are beyond comfortable and look amazing. The boulder boots tend to last 2 years, if you abuse them during hiking your looking about a year with an additional pair of insoles. I'd suggest doing a review on the primal's.

Author — Hiking with Steffi


I have to say, you guys are my go-to for gear reviews.  Always exhaustive in detail and incredibly informative.  Keep it up gents!

Author — SNAFU Moto ADV


I have two pairs and really like them. The build quality is a little lacking; I've seen my stitching looking quite ragged and that is mainly with urban wear.

Author — Scott Nall


I've been wearing thes since early 2014 (well their runners anyway). I love them so much. My original runners are starting to get pretty worn but are still functional. I have a pair or two of each of their styles with the exception of the boat shoes. In winter, or if I need more grip I combine them with neos adventurer overshoes non-insulated (I wore this with the boulder boot in -30 celsius for 4 hours. Insulation is not required unless you are going on a multi day cold hike or something.) This combo gives you super grip and super comfort.

Author — blarg


Man, Krik, I don't know how you, or inspireAson can hike around with untied boots.

That would drive me crazy.

To each his own I guess.

Anyway, thanks for mentioning Obenauf's, as I had only heard of Revivex, Nikwax, and Grangers for waterproofing leather before today.

I also like the boots, just not sure of the support, and the traction that they will provide during a long hike.

Also, if they do get wet, that cotton may take a long time to dry.

I do like the packability factor, and the light weight.

Thanks for sharing.

Author — Msilverhammer


Hey Kirk, I've been minimalist/barefoot for going on 6 seasons, now. I've been living in my lems boulder boots for about a year. I find when I'm hiking I have decent traction as long as I resist the urge to come down on my heal. The sole has no heal so there's no heal brake. Keeping weight forward on the ball of your foot seems to afford the best traction. Resist moving your weight back onto your heal when the terrain gets steeper or you'll likely end up on your butt. It feels a bit awkward at first but it becomes natural after a while.
Thanks for the tip on treating the leather. I find its very prone to shrinkage if gets wet, without keeping it well oiled....thanks for the vid!!

Author — raven


I recently bought some Merrell Trail Gloves as my first foray into a minimalist shoe. My feet are thanking me!

Author — DJ Odom


Those seem okay to me, I've been looking into the Vibram 5fingers wool shoes for men they seem to fit the bill for modern barefoot/outdoor wear.

Author — BlackRifle Survival


Nice! I think you're the first person I've met who doesn't tie their shoes either. I always say that you can tell if it's a big day for me if my shoes are tied. I tie my shoes for important occasions or on more technical sections of trail, but I love the loose fit for everything else. :) - Chris

Author — inspireAson


Thanks for the review Krik, basically been on the fence about these vs a Merrill style hiking boot for awhile. I have more narrow foot and have used my Nike running shoes for most of my hikes in the last year. Anyone one else have some suggestions. We usually do shorter hikes and I would be wearing them all year too.

Author — Kris Russell


Have you tried any of Vivobarefoot's shoes? They're a little more expensive than Lems but have thinner, puncture-proof soles and some of them have waterproofing. I have two pairs (one for work and one for working out/casual wear) and love them. Been thinking of trading out my traditional boots for either the Lems Boulder or Vivo's Tracker (waterproof).

Author — Ravnos


Will be getting these:) hard to decide between brown and timber but i think you sold me on timber, great vid thanks turtles!

Author — PokéTrainerDan


I love these guys so much. Their runners and their dress shoes are also so great. I pair any of the lems shoes with neos overshoes for winter in Canada. Lems is havinga 20 % off sale this weeks, using code memoday in case this wasn't mentioned in the video

Author — blarg


Man, that zero drop coupled with the wide toe box reminds me of Sanuk's line of shoes. Seriously comfortable stuff. :)

Author — Outside & Stuff


Great review. I love mine. We have the same tastes I have the timber aswell

Author — BA_Gen2


Great review as usual. What bag is that please?

Author — innocent_fugitive


they are a really nice looking boot.

Thanks for sharing!!

Author — Adam Craig Outdoors