Why The Silent Type Stand Out From Other Men

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Being her “entertainment” is a huge trap and is a L waiting to happen in the long run

Author — 9525joe


Silence is confident. Loud is insecure. Always remember that fellas.

Author — Z


Since we know The VAST majority of ppl are dumb and parasitic, it goes w/o saying that dealing w/ others costs you more in terms of time, energy, attention and money. There is an opportunity cost dealing w/ most ppl that leaves you feeling drained. Overall, most ppl you deal w/ are going to always want something, and its a negative ROI. When it comes to us introverts, many ppl who are deeply troubled and/or insecure usually feel judged and not liked by us when we're in our element. So, they try small annoying things to break you in so that you're more relatable to them, instead of them making an effort to adjust to us. It's basically like trying to force someone left-handed to write right-handed b/c the norm is more ppl use their right-hands than not. And these are the same ppl who think sex in a biological sense is interchangeable - men and women are fluid beings w/o no obvious differences and boundaries.

Author — Maravilloso001’s


True, I have tried this type of behaviour recently and it works, but it is not easy cause suddenly i catch my self speaking more than necesary or I achive it one day and the next I dont. I guess it is a matter of keep trying. Thanks Tarik



I find that some women like my stoicism because it’s appealing, another words different than what they’re accustomed to. It’s like trying to solve a mystery … it allows me to be mysterious, which in turn makes someone wants to find out what is it that this person has going on in their life… it’s unique, and I find it to be intriguing to some, especially the curious people. I don’t volunteer information unless I’m questioned about it, nor do I ever feel the need to explain anything to anyone EVER! Haha!
Good content Tarik! In words of DJ Khalid “ ANOTHER ONE!!!

Author — Tyrone Williams


Great video brother.🤝 Out here saving us introverts.

Author — hypetorrider03


Or dont try to be anything accept how youre feeling at the time. A dude who is up beat trying to be silent for attention" the attraction is to the authenticity not anything else. Basically #dontreach

Author — Djuan Sanders


Im 21 and I live with my parents and all. I’m very silent.

Author — DaRk_NiGhTwInG_XL


Right. You don’t have to sit there looking like a serial killer but have some mystery about yourself. You don’t wanna come off as a clown. Be the one that doesn’t pays her no attention.

Author — Teflon Ron


Don’t be the funny guy lady’s hate that that take a more serious approach but be yourself

Author — Davymf