Sneak Peek - One Perfect Wedding - Hallmark Channel

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Watch a sneak peek of the Hallmark Channel romance movie "One Perfect Wedding," starring Taylor Cole, Jack Turner, Rukiya Bernard, and Dewshane Williams.

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Looking forward for this, can't wait!❤

Author — Rachael Jaggassar


Ok, awesome movie, now we need to see the 4th installment when Megan and Sean get married at the Chalet as well!!! 🥰💜

Author — Sandra Ayala


Yes I'm hyped up and yes I'm excited, also I cannot wait till this comes on and watch it on the 📺 all Hallmark movies is wonderful and a masterpiec.

Author — Shawn Eldridge


Super film tout comme les deux autres, jack et taylor sont adorables. On les revoit volontiers

Author — nadine BERRE


Great movie...Jack is so handsome even more so with his head shaved and sexy of course...Taylor is beautiful as always however much more so with the lighter longer hair...all characters in this movie were great...Thank you Hallmark

Author — Laurie Johnson


Waiting for there 3rd series. Cant wait.

Author — Kenneth Tragico


I've never seen a shaven-headed romantic male lead before and I've often wondered why the hell not. There's been this idea that a bald guy can't be the lead in a romance and I gotta say I like that this has finally happened for Hallmark! My man is bald and he's very sexy!

Author — FranSlam


*One Hallmark Franchise series*
◾ One Winter Weekend - (January 20, 2018)
◾ One Winter Proposal - (January 12, 2019)
◾ One Perfect Wedding - (April 3, 2021)

Author — Rich PhamXXX


Hello everyone, i can't wait to watch this movie. I'm very excited to see it. I'm recording it so I watch it again. Do u think hallmark channel is going to have the first two movie marathon one winter weekend and one winter proposal before this airs Saturday. Your thoughts and opinions please?

Author — Tom Biker


Too bloody years for this movie to come out. And finally Taylor Cole looks incredible she was too skinny before now she looks phenomenal good for her oh yeah she's gorgeous too

Author — agostino speranza


I missed watching the Hallmark Channel & I can't watch it on my 4K Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Author — Universal035


Is it One Winter Wedding or One Perfect Wedding ?

Author — DianaAnkh


One of the worst they need new writers

Author — Dave Stephen