Samsung Note 9 REVIEW - I'm switching phones.

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Samsung Note 9 REVIEW - I'm switching phones. 4.5

Full Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 / Note9. We test the Samsung Note 9 Camera, Battery, Display and Performance to bring you the final verdict on this 2018 Flagship Smartphone.

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the rear camera isnt centered because of Optical image Stabilization, it is in the resting position till the camera app is open and the rear camera is being used.

Author — Turner Miller


I heard you can even make voice calls on it.

Author — John C


6:24 "Nice feature to have up your arsenal". That was epic. 😂🤣

Author — Aftab Khan


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 = Quality, Premium, and a Beast! 😍

Author — Caboose


2:24 I was on that Tram watching you film this yesterday. How you've gotten this video completed in this short amount of time is crazy impressive.

Author — captain9fingers


Who Bought The Big Boy Version 512GB/8GB?

Author — Darrion S


i will take any smartphone over one with a notch

Author — adir mugrabi


watching this on my note's really an amazing & capable phone..or should i say a beast! i can get 8 hours SOT and still left with 26% of battery life😍

Author — Ahmad Ashraaf


The proof that this is an incredible phone is the high rate of reviews trending over the internet. Every post talks about the note 9 in the tech world now and that S-pen just seals it. I'm not surprised you're switching because who wouldn't want to be associated with excellence. Kudos to Samsung because they went all out.

Author — Otejiri Agbodoroba


I'm lucky to have the note 9
specially for the battery and smooth gaming experienced, not to mention the headphone jack is there as well

Author — Aurik00


I don’t mind the small bezels, it makes it easier to hold which is good

Author — MakiDaikon


Got mine last week and sheesh what a beast of a device 👈🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾

Author — Speedsk8r


Who said "you should skip note 9"

Author — XÆ A-12


0:09 Holy mother of awesome editing! You’ve progressed so much over the years since I first subscribed to your channel Arun! Keep it up! :D

Author — Marcus Volpicella


Bezels is way better than the Notch. Note 9 is the best.

Author — Rejoy Panakkal


I actually found a song I was searching for while when you skipped songs😂

Author — Akshay Kumar


Your voice is so pleasant and your balanced review was so appreciated that I just subscribed. Thank you!

Author — Heather White


"increasingly heavy Samsung skin"


Author — Jesse Becker


8:46 I thought for a split second that was my phone on its lockscreen XD

Author — Parallels


"Up your Arsenal!" Thanks for giving me a new, tongue in cheek, insult, lol!

Author — Raymond Petit