2014 Polish Army Individual Food Ration SR-3 MRE Review Indywidualne racje żywnościowe Meal Tasting

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2014 Polish Army Individual Food Ration SR-3 MRE Review Indywidualne racje żywnościowe Meal Tasting 5
This Polish Army MRE is one of the most well balanced, delicious, and easy to prepare Military Rations ever made. Weighing only 1 pound, containing 1,300 calories, and packed with high quality contents with mostly natural ingredients. Awesome MRE - I hope you all enjoy this review. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you all - be back with something new (or old) in a couple days! -Steve

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you enjoyed this one, as I certainly did making it!
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That loaf (spam) is not spreadable because its meant to be cut to slices. That is how we eat it here in Poland:)

Author — twinlife


Logo on panzerwaffels is a wheat and a sword, which correspondes to old Polish phrase "żywią i bronią" which translates as "we feed and we protect" - motto of Polish Kościuszko Uprising.

Author — Aleksander Fiold


i have waited for this all my polish life

Author — Greg Koc


*Normal day in a Polish combat deployment*
-Oh kurwa, Wladyslaw, my SAPI plates! I can't find them!
-Use your Sucharye Specjalne, Maksym
-Ah yes, thanks kurwa

Author — Alberto Hinojosa


OK, I've been on this channel watching these videos for like two days now and I just can't figure out... WHY IS THIS INTERESTING??? Seriously. Don't get me wrong, I'm absoltely fascinated but I just can't understand why.

Oh and I'd really like to try this MRE, Polish food is awesome.

Author — Gísli Brynjólfsson


Save those Panzer Waffles for your camping trip....you know in case you have to beat a bear's skull in and a dense enough rock isn't around :D

Author — Pfletch83


Polish military Capri Suns. "Sir, I can't get my straw in, Sir!"

Author — Joe Mo


Friend of mine on the Canadian army says they love going to Poland for exercises because they get along great with the "friendly" Polish soldiers and the "awesome food".

Author — SuperSix Delta


That's really nice to hear you enjoy military ration from my country :)

Author — Damian Gerwatowski


In my experience, Polish food tends to be simple, yet hearty and delicious. I can't say that I'm surprised to see that their MRE's retain similar qualities.

Author — Jan III Sobieski


I started to feel like I was starving when he got to the pork and beans

Author — GameBoy Jared


when someone discovers Fasolka po bretonsku ;D

Author — pomat22


This momment when my Polish nature makes me happy and proud just because non-Polish guy like my MRE c':

Author — Theodore Roosevelt


You can allways say
gets me laughing every time :D

Author — neon


Steve, your "Nice!" game is on point lately. Soo good.

Author — Klemintino


Lengyel-Magyar két jóbarát együtt harcol s issza a borát :D

Author — Overlifer 99


If you Polish something does it come out with a nice Finnish?

Author — Kam Melto


Oh sweet, I was waiting for that one. Greets from Poland.

Author — krzeselko


A ration from one of the oldest nations in Europe. You already know this is gonna be good.

Author — accumbularate DoP


Love those unpredictable "nice" cuts you've been doing lately

Author — Lazar Šaronjić