Why I Chose Belize to Live, Invest and Develop on Ambergris Caye, Belize

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Why I Chose Belize to Live, Invest and Develop on Ambergris Caye, Belize 5

Belize is ripe with opportunities for investment, development and entrepreneurial endeavors. In this video, I share my main reasons for choosing Ambergris Caye and why you might consider Belize as well.

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Belize is a beautiful place to live I would know I'm a Belizean. Been living here all my life and what he said is true .Belize has a lot of destination for you to visit.

Author — Dana Grant


can't wait to move back home...inlove my country 💗💗💗beautiful Belize 😊😊😊😊

Author — Mylove glow


What is the water tempature there? I'm saving up to live there!!

Author — AmieK


We just retired here in the Spring of 2018! I’m still acclimating to the climate, but it’s beautiful! 🌞🌴🦜🦎

Author — Kellyann Littleton


Question: This video was posted over 3 years ago. Are you still happily living in Belize?

Author — Strollin Nolen


8:03 Belize is not an island so how is it considered the world's best island???

Author — koolyo2foots


I Love I Love what your Keep the videos

Author — Philly Dom


Love this video and your broad knowledge of the country and its opportunity. I'm very interested and will be contacting you for some info on how to pursue a life in belize.

Author — Shameer Barakat


Bro. I need you contact I wanna know lots of information....

Author — Nirdesh Khokhar


Thank you very, very, very much for the absolutely amazing information!

Author — Sir Terence Your Highness


Thx u William fir the beautiful photos of Belize and covering why Belize is a great place to retire, see u when I get there, next year in spring, continue to bring more informative information on Belize

Author — Marilyn Smith


the quality of the video and information given is amazing ! its always nice to hear good stuff about belize besides the violence!

Author — ZeKleb


Heyy bro can you give me sponsor for coming Belize 🇧🇿 I want come to here with my wife !! I didn’t get any idea how do make my visit visa !! I’m a business man so I’m waiting for response

Author — Sultan mahmud zahed


Thanks William! Great vid, Im going to your website now.

Author — Downtown Don


THANK YOU for this video, very helpful!! Subscribed!

Author — Zee Gray


Can travel Belize residency card holder USA, Australia ?

Author — Sagar Ahmed


Thank you for this video it's very helpful

Author — Henrico Banana


I like your all video.. your video Make me exide to moove there

Author — jai bhole baba Ji Malik


I'd really like to contact you when I get there. I need someone that can be a guide of sorts. I really want to start a business there.

Author — Lola Alexander


Hi William. I'd love to but im afraid.

Author — Spankyblack69