Britt Nicole- The Lost Get Found w/lyrics.

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Britt Nicole- The Lost Get Found w/lyrics. 5

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"Don't feel afraid to stand out!!" Everybody is different in their own Be urself even if u think u wont fit in

Author — Lilly Bloodworth


Britt Nichole is a huge inspiration to me.

Author — Brooki Lover


you know when she says there's a man who's faith is dying well thats me but I'm not a man I'm a girl I've lost faith with the lord but I want to worship him again

Author — Katherine Morales


For some reason, Britt's songs always help me whenever I'm sad, anxious, or scared. I thank her for making such calming and uplifting songs for not only me but other people as well. And, I have a job interview in a few hours... I'm absolutely mortified.

Author — xMissKiannax


We are God's People and we have to Stand up Spread Our Kings Gospel And help The lost Find God

Author — Ana Martinez


u know when she says that these a girl the streets crying well I'm the girl that is crying I am going through the hardest time right now because I am getting bullied and it seems like everyone is one her side but one friend of mine he isn't really a friend he is my boyfriend

Author — Annabelle Rodgers


GIRLS!!! you are all BEAUTIFUL LOVED BY GOD WANTED AND WORTH ANYONES regardless of your past you can move on. regardless of who yoou WERE you are no longer her....GOD love you for YOU! hes does NOT judge....ive been in bad stops...i cut and wanted to die but guess pulled me thru it....he brought my best friend into my life and used him to show me love

Author — Trinity Trimble


Britt Nicole this song you help people so keep on doing that your whole life because God with reward you some because God sees what what you do

Author — Katherine Hernandez


Love it! My dad & I love the song "Gold" so much! I plan on showing this song to my dad tonight! Thank you soooo much!!!! :D

Author — Brienne Winkler


This is who I want to be when I grow up

Author — Yumi is cool


I already let my fire burn out and i'll forever be lost it seems like 

Author — Aria McChalean


love cis song !! dont let your lights go down..shine bright!!

Author — kasha waqa


Don't. Ever let god out of your life he is amazing, also love all of your songs your singing is amazing

Author — Kaylie Allen


I was lost once, but God showed the way back onto the right path :)

Author — flight487


Why don't u rise up? so when u get the chance are u gonna take?

Author — lorakina pierre


I was once lost but the angels came kept me going!

The angels that keep you going
The angels that keep us going
The angels that make us

Beautiful <3

Author — Jennifer


i want to do a cover song of this one its cute

Author — hannah perez


Wooow, beautiful song! Thank you for posting it. God Almighty bless you all!

Author — Rosa Elena Vásquez Ramírez


Hey, so I'm going through some tough times right now, and this song is making me feel so much better. (6:06am😂)

Author — Nyan Kat


there's a really big world at your fingertips and you know you have the chance to change it<3

Author — Aly Nicole