IAmCrucial | Genji montage (read the description)

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Apparently it seems like i fucked up the bitrate on OBS so most of the clips are from twitch and they kinda look like shit, its one song throughout the whole montage and thats bc i struggled to find even that one let alone 2 that ''suit'' me, so therefore i just decided to extend it a bit.
Its not the montage where i put 100% of the effort in since it was kind of a test one after a while since i still dont have the clips that im fully satisfied yet except that one in the intro plus the quality of certain clips, but i really plan on coming back and doing these things again :3 Hope u enjoyed anyways

Also this should be mostly ow videos channel

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The fact that by watching many Genji montages from creators for the past 6 years it has like improved me so much in my genji skill. And I can now finally know what your doing and why your doing it just in a short clip.

Author — Dude-X-Perfect


This is fucking amazing, this has gave me a rough idea of what I need to work on, on my genji. Tysm.

Author — Kadin Napier


Nice Montage, rly liked the clips. Try using Shadowplay next time, it will look better 100%

Author — SlushiiPls