Top Ten-Equipment Needed to Open an Auto Repair Shop

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

This is the list of equipment youll need to open and run an auto repair shop. Start buying it ASAP!

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The list of tools is spot on for most areas. I would add a scanner/scope pretty quickly as well...but you know that.

Author — wyattoneable


I Watched 4 of your videos now, you have a great thing going right now, Very inspirational. I'm 35 with a 11 year old son and I'm getting tired of being the tech / mechanic that gives another shop a good name by fixing cars that other shops couldn't. I've always wanted to open my own shop but am nervous about doing it for so many reasons. As I'm sure you know about that . I have my own scanner and scope along with all the tools I will need . I just don't have any shop equipment. I'm going to start looking on Craigslist, letgo, OfferUp . Good luck with your shop .

Author — myboy051


Hey Nestor, this is the first time I watch your videos, and they are awesome man. I appreciate this type of video, because it opens up ideas to regular weekend wrenchers. My dad and I spend a lot of time together working on cars and motorcycles, but it's awesome to see a Hispanic mechanic doing great things. Keep it up!

Author — Aaron Perez


Awesome tips! Can relate in many aspects. Smart shopping is always the way to go

Author — Julie Anne


Good list! One thing that I would definitely add is a scan tool! Without vehicle information none of the other equipment is necessary because you don't know what's wrong with the car! I don't know if you consider a scan tool equipment, but I would definitely make that my number one priority if I was starting an independent shop.

Author — TheSquatchy


Awesome job and congrats on your own business.. Coming from a guy who has his own remodeling business ..but always wanted to learn about auto mechanics and at least learn and restore a collector car.. Have a lot if respect for some one that has learned how to work on cars and good at trouble shooting
. .. Don't know if my brain can learn this stuff..congrats again ..PS I did start organizing my garage and tool who knows....! Lol..

Author — ReCycle Spinning


Just given myself a quick high five, got all the stuff you mention, plus a whole load more. I went for four post lift rather than two post. Good bench grinder and pillar drill on my essentials list. The list could go on forever. Good work lighting also essential, lamps etc. Can't fix what you can't see!
Latest addition to shop is a Blackhawk body dozer, paid for itself after first two jobs! Great videos mate, we the brotherhood of oily hands!

Author — Andrew Wilson


Im very thankful because my dad was a mechanic so we have tons of tools, an air compressor, jacks, jackstands and other stuff.

Author — Benjah


Great video. I'm thinking I can get away with an 80 gallon 2 stage ingersoll compressor but I'd love to get a 120 gallon any thoughts? How much more expensive is it to run a 10 to 15 horse 3 phase motor to fill the larger tank? I'll probably be running at most 2 bay's with lifts at my house but probably just 1. Only thing we disagree on is the brake lathe. Rotors have become too cheap to waste time cutting the old ones and running the risk of a comeback from warped rotors from lack of heat dissipation on a thinner rotor. Anyways thanks for the awesome vids

Author — Robert Valente


Hi Nestor, thank you for this excellent and practical video - great information for hobbyist and farmers as well. Ciao, L

Author — lancelot1953


I have a socket set, a jack, and a torch. Slowly building that up. Already built a few engines and fixed a few people's cars. Well on my way! Haha!

Author — VinnyMartello


I got everything aside from the A/C machine (which would be nice) because currently have a hvac buddy of mine do them with his equipment when I need it, I do however have a tire machine and balancer which I'm surprised not to see in your shop yet. Got a commercial exhaust bender also and honestly that along with the lathe.... I never use them... hell i'm not even sure I know how to even set up the lathe even if I needed too really (never tried).. usually just get new rotors if needed, as cheap as the sob's are now. Maybe someday I'll piss with it for shits and giggles to figure it out.
I got the same brake lathe, charger, strut compressor as you. lol
With that being said though, my shop is purposely a crazy low key shop though... as in I purposely don't want much at all for customers nor have ever advertised it... I been building old cars etc. and am atm content with the completely deliberate lack of traffic in and out. If I was a smart man, id hire some young fresh blood mechanic with passion for vehicles to use one of the bays (giving him or her a hand of course) and drum up some business while I keep doing my thing in the other ones... Make some extra money while helping "a brother or sista" get a start.... but I guess I'm not a very smart man it seems and finding a young buck or doe that wants to "do work son" is a bitch these days anyways really. Meh...

Author — R3D


Awesome shop. How did you find the space? Love the high ceilings.

Author — atothezizzle


Great vid! Your shop looks strikingly similar to mine. I'm missing the lathe, AC machine and only have one 2-post asymmetric lift. Where do you operate from?

Author — Ahmad Ismail


Mount & Balance Tire Machine + Balancing Machine would be pretty important to a shop as well...

Author — Danning


Good advice. Only thing I'd suggest is moving that air compressor a bit. Looks like the safety cage is right up against the wall. The large pulley is also the fan for the compressor itself. Most manufacturers call for a foot or so of clearance between the cage and anything that could obstruct airflow.

Author — Fred Nissen


Great video and some solid advice. I know you don't agree but I'd have to say a tire machine a balancer would be an asset. Even just for tire repairs a good used machine would pay for itself in no time.
But what do I know? I'm just a guy in a garage with some tools.
Thanks for the video.

Author — Bruce L.


I love this guy my shop is gonna be just like this one, one day. Motivated and inspired. Young cat gettin it. Love it

Author — lpdzzlfshzzl


hey Nestor Nathan here I got a question for you. What do think about the alignment lifts and what's your opinions on them in shop or other shops?

Author — Nathan Watts


A few years late to this video, I love this. Just a suggestion, get a 3 post pole jack. More sturdy

Author — Cave Lion