My Obsession: The Duncan Pittaway story | Goodwood Masters

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Duncan Pittaway is a Goodwood legend, but not many know that there is far more to his arsenal than the incredible Fiat S76 Beast of Turin. In fact Duncan's car collection is as large as it is varied, ranging from Bugattis to Cheetahs, from Invacars to pre-war Monarch's.

But what is the story behind the cars? Who is the man who owns all these incredible machines and what is it that makes him tick? In the second of our Goodwood Masters films presented by Motul, looking at the people and firms behind some of the classic car industry's greatest machines, we visited Duncan to explore his background, the reason behind his eclectic collection and what makes him tick.

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Which of Duncan's cars is your favourite?

Author — Goodwood Road & Racing


I truly believe this is what humility and passion feels like.

Author — Gordon Haymes


Easily one of the best videos this channel has ever done - just fantastic!

Author — Aaron Spielman


Absolute Legend! Goodwood wouldn’t be the same without him and his beasts. Huge Respect

Author — Jakub Jodlowski


Thank you for making that video it's genuinely one of the best 20 odd minutes of automotive brilliance there is.

Author — Iain Earth


I really enjoyed this film, thank you Duncan and Goodwood..

Author — Eric O'Hara


I love how much credit he gives to Tucker. These two are curators, caretakers, spokesmen, ambassadors for these cars.

Author — Paul Dulworth


Duncan has an incredible passion for life, extraordinary person. Great video 👍🏻

Author — Frans Badenhorst


Thank you for for showing me your workshop and your passion for what you do, absolutely amazing and I totally get where you are coming from.

Author — Simon ADSHEAD


I love that he uses his machines without letting modern considerations stop him.

Author — Oz 2strokeman 1


What a great story beautifully told - Thank you.

Author — Svengali sven


Lovely, enjoyed hearing Duncan's story and seeing what he gets up to. Thank you for making this short film - much appreciated.

Author — Jonathan Wiggill


What a great film - lives the dream in every sense.

Author — John Acton


This is the best motoring video I have ever watched, what an enthusiast, I have seen Duncan several times racing at Goodwood and it is always such a spectacle. Well done Duncan!

Author — Ciaran Buckley


Absolutely fantastic, what a guy, what a place, what cars !!!

Author — Scott Coe


The Bugatti for sure! What a delight was to watch this video! Many thanks to all the involved on this project. All the best to this Gentleman and all his endeavours! Cheers from Portugal!

Author — Miguel Branco


I love his story! What an amazing shop and collection of cars and bike.. A Cheetah to The Beast of Turin .. and they all get used, “hard”, Life doesn’t get much better than this!

Author — David Lucas


What a fantastic documentary about Duncan and his passion for getting his hands dirty. I’ve met Duncan many times at Goodwood meetings and he always has a smile on his face, and oil on his hands, and is always happy to chat about his cars and passion.
He’s doing what he enjoys and is very fortunate to be in a position to do so.
This has to be one of the best YouTube videos I’ve watched for a long time. I absolutely loved it. We need more documentaries into these interesting engineers and car collectors lives and workshops. Simply superb viewing.
Thanks to Duncan and his team for making such an enjoyable video. Keep up the fantastic work 👍

Author — Kevin Buttle


What a great man with an amazing passion for us all to enjoy. The beast of Turin is my favourite car period.

Author — Andy Steavenson


Such a lovely guy! I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Festival of Speed this year; I asked why he hadn't brought his TVR S with him and he laughed.

Author — Paul Hewitt